This kind of woman will always be the favorite of men.
This kind of woman will always be the favorite of men.
A woman is the glue of a family. The family where she stays is like spring all the year round.

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Men and women are like two jigsaw puzzles left by God on earth.

the right person, put together, the life is complete; the wrong person, put together, can only make do.

A man holding his own jigsaw puzzle to find the woman he spends his life with is usually searched around the following three characteristics.

optimistic, confident woman

optimistic and confident women, like a light in their eyes, are always affectionate and charming.

such a woman, with a smile on her face, treats people with kindness and is gentle, so that people can't help but admire her.

there is a good saying:

"when I wait for you, I feel that one day is like three years later. If you smile at me, I think I can't see you for a day."


A woman with positive energy, no matter what she meets, is in high spirits, just like a happy pony running through the whole meadow, even if she meets a desert.

such a woman, she herself is a sun, can illuminate people's inner haze, give people warmth, let people wander.

optimistic women, never complain, never complain about others, encounter things, will only find their own problems, looking for breakthroughs and methods.

an optimistic woman will always be a man's good wife and his right hand.

an open-minded and considerate woman

it is impossible for us to live without quarrels, and the last thing men like about women is endless nagging.

once saw such a sentence in Zhihu:

when women start to talk endlessly, no matter how hot love is, it will slowly cool down.

Shakespeare said:

your tongue is like a fast horse. It runs so fast that it runs out of strength.

isn't this the case in marriage?

because of trivial disputes, because of trivial disputes, marriage will be like a besieged city, exhausting the strength of both men and women.

Men's favorite woman is undoubtedly a considerate woman, who doesn't worry too much about little things, and big things can be reduced to small things. Even if there are trivialities in life, they can deal with them calmly, don't worry about them, and don't worry about them.

an open-minded and considerate woman is the glue of a family. Where she is, there is always a smile, and the family she stays is like spring all year round!

A kind, gentle woman

the woman that men love most is the kind of woman who is soft in thick lines, soft in appearance but strong in heart.

such a woman is kind, generous and never stingy when others are in need of help.

the more kind-hearted a woman is, the softer she is, the softer she is, the more considerate she is from others' point of view, knowing that everyone's life is not easy, she would rather suffer losses than take advantage, and would rather be aggrieved than hurt people's hearts.

A kind-hearted woman can harmonize her relatives and friends, have broad contacts, and reap the greatest kindness and respect from others.

have seen such a sentence:

"A woman's best dowry is a considerate and warm heart, while a man's highest dowry is a lifetime of accommodation and love."


A kind woman, who regards being able to warm others as a kind of happiness, is doomed to be blessed when she works hard.

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kind-hearted women, do not cause trouble, do not cause trouble, not afraid of things, can do things!

Men's blessings are often their own, while women's blessings bring happiness to the whole family.

A kind woman has a good character and a good reputation, and even makes the whole family prosperous!