Those who want to see you really love you very much.
Those who want to see you really love you very much.
True love is not said, but made.

I received a text message from Manman this morning and wanted me to accompany her to the hospital.

I knew that she had no relatives and no one to rely on in this city, so I agreed without any hesitation. When we agreed to meet at a place, we went to the hospital together.

when two people were chatting on the road, she told me that she had recently fallen in love. My first reaction was to ask her, "Why didn't your boyfriend come with you?"

she said that the boy was away on business and felt that she was not seriously ill and could be left alone.

after listening to this, I was silent and accompanied her to register for medical treatment.

looking at her little figure shuttling through all kinds of people, I suddenly felt distressed.

while waiting in line to draw blood, her boyfriend called and asked her why she didn't reply to the text message in time.

she said I'm in the hospital. I'm going to draw blood. I'll talk to you later.

when I finished listening to their conversation, I found it particularly difficult to understand that the man did not ask her anything about her illness, only said "miss you" and hung up the phone.

Manman sighed with a disgruntled face.

I stood aside and shook my head, showing a helpless smile.

of course, I'm not questioning how much a boy loves her. I just think his love seems a little shallow.

thought that only sweet words can maintain a relationship, but there has been no action.

Manman burst into tears while drawing blood. I thought she was hurt by a needle. I kept touching her head and said it was all right.

when she got up, she suddenly came up and hugged me. She said, "Hey, I suddenly feel so sad."

I asked knowingly, "what's the matter?"

he had plenty of time to come back from the city to accompany me, but he didn't even ask 'how's your health'.

he said he missed me, but he didn't want to come and see me.

after hearing what she said, I felt sore in my heart.

Yes, we are all too old to listen to love, and we all know that expression in words is much easier than doing a real thing.

because "speaking" is too easy, it seems worthless.

maybe all Manman wants is a caring greeting from him, but he thinks that "missing you" can represent everything.

after countless falls from anticipation to disappointment, she always chooses to believe.

although she already knew that what he called "missing you so much" was just a word, and in the end he didn't do anything.

however, quantitative change leads to qualitative change, and the accumulation of disappointment leads to the collapse of trust.

the man who can only talk but doesn't take any action can no longer give her enough trust. Breaking up is a painful decision after countless times of cold heart.

I remember that I met a boy at a friend's party and left contact information for each other.

the two people often talk nonsense on Wechat, as if they have a lot to say.

he once expressed his affection to me and wanted to be with me.

but slowly, I found that what he had said to take me to dinner did not come true once.

he said he liked me, but only liked the selfie in my moments.

he promised to take me to the place, but just let me see the picture, there is no more.

I can't help but wonder that the love he said may be only three points.

on my birthday, I invited him to attend my birthday party. He replied that I might be busy and tried to get there, but I didn't see him all night.

hope is lost, and there is no desire to know him any more.

in the emotional world, women always lack antibodies to honeyed words.

but if you always talk on paper, talk about it and do nothing, the routine will be seen through sooner or later.

maybe I become realistic, and what I pursue is no longer something gaudy on the surface.

judging whether a person is good or bad to me depends on what that person has done for me.

after all, I am not the little girl who will be carried away with delight because someone has given me a plush toy that has been favored for a long time.

later the boy asked me why I gradually drifted away from him.

I said, I just can't feel your love for me, so I might as well leave as soon as possible.

Yes, in my eyes, to like a person is to find a way to see her halfway across the city, to love someone, to rush into his arms regardless of recklessness.

accompany each other through every important moment, try your best to give her the best, and you will keep the promises you have made in mind and slowly realize them.

but unfortunately, I can't see any of this in him.

I suddenly miss the teenager who called my name under the dormitory at the age of 18 because I had dysmenorrhea and would go to the pharmacy to buy medicine against the sun and carry steaming brown sugar water.

every time I feel unhappy and sad, he will appear in front of me for the first time, put my head on his shoulder, and say: cry.

will also miss the summer vacation, when he would sit in 20 because I said I missed him.Many hours of hard seats came to my city to see me.

Nothing can stand to be compared with sexy elegant dresses. All our available fashions are pocket-friendly.

even though we didn't make it to the end for various reasons, I never questioned his love for me.

because his actions prove it.

slowly I also understand that there are many kinds of love in the world, and there are thousands of forms of expression.

he says "miss you" and "love you", you can hear him, because he told you himself.

but you don't have to listen, because he's probably just saying it.

especially for girls who are past the age of listening to love, what they want after all is the care of temperature and action, rather than the care of mobile phones on time.

Yes, we all hear a lot of sweet talk in love:

"thinking about you has become a habit."

"I can not eat or sleep every day, but I can't help thinking about you."

"without you around, I miss you all the time."


creepy love words can be said casually, but how many "miss you" are really just thoughts, just words, without any actual form of expression.

it is just an incomparably simple statement, meaningless, completely failing to live up to the solemnity and sense of proportion that the word "miss" should have.

and I always believe that actions are as true as love is, which is more real than empty words like "I miss you".

if you don't, don't always say "I miss you".

if bears promise too much, they will only get cheaper and cheaper.

if it can't be realized, say as little as possible, sometimes it hurts more than not.

just like Wang Xinling sang in I will be all right:

"I was thinking about you, thinking about you all the time, and you became a secret in my heart.

Don't say you love me and you miss me. If you don't do so in your heart, just reluctantly perfunctory me, I will be more sad to know. "

in fact, we are not afraid of falling in love, but are afraid of meeting people who love you after a little bit of work, people who give a little bit and say they put their heart and soul into it, and people who do nothing but say "I miss you" all the time.

what comes out of empty mouth is love that listens to ears.

when we encounter difficulties, we only hope that TA can solve problems while asking questions, rather than just talking about them.

Love is a verb that requires action. Sincere love is not said, but done.

it is often only in unknown corners, unnoticed, and requires attention.

if you really miss me, please don't just say to me, don't get caught in the rain. But in the end, I was alone, and I got drenched when I got home.

if you really miss me, please don't just tell me that you should take medicine for a cold on time. But in the end, I was alone, dizzy to take my temperature and pour hot water.

if you really miss me, please don't just say to me, grow old together. But in the end, I was alone, walking alone in front of the sunset for countless dusks.

sometimes, women are really simple.

it is enough for you to turn one of the thousands of "I miss you" into a practical small action.