Time will let you know.
Time will let you know.
Just work hard and leave the rest to time.

some people say that life has three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

but I say that a person's life is only made up of countless today, because people who will not cherish today, will not cherish yesterday or look forward to tomorrow.

time accumulated minute by minute.

each stage has its own life problems

A few days ago, I saw a video and felt very much:

when we encounter something, we always think that we will be fine at that age, right?

it turns out that every age has its own life troubles.

people are constantly solving problems all their lives.

when children are studying, they don't have to worry about food and clothing. The biggest worry is whether they can go to school or not.

in the ignorant period of youth, I was entangled in my troubles that I liked him, but he did not like me.

in his twenties, he learned that life is not easy and is not obsessed with finding a partner, but found that the biggest worry is work.

they all say that they stand at thirty, thinking that by thirty, all problems will be easily solved.

but the 30-year-old said that he had encountered the bottleneck of his career and his life was confused.

40 years old, old and young, carrying a heavy load every day.

Life is not always encountered problems, always solve problems, non-stop clearance of the process.

everyone is the same, and people who look relaxed may actually face a higher dimension of the problem.

Don't feel sorry for yourself, just move on when you encounter problems.

cherish your time and live well in the present

the fleeting time of life, before we can live thoroughly, the twilight has come, leaving only a sigh.

We can't go back to the past, let alone predict the future. all we have is the present.

the best way for us to deal with life is to take every step of the way, to do our best, and to live up to the present time.

I have heard such a story:

there is a poor philosopher who has been wandering around the world. He is very happy every day, as if he were born without trouble.

one day, when he was passing by a village, an old man noticed him and asked casually:

"you say, why is life so hard?


the philosopher shook his head:

"I don't feel bitter. Every day is new and happy.


the old man does not understand:

"is there a new trouble in the new day?


another old man doesn't understand either:

"brag about it, don't you have any trouble?


the philosopher responded with a smile:

"of course not.

I mean, you don't have to be sad for too long when you encounter bad things. Even if you are very sad that day, let these negative emotions end at the end of the day.

Life tastes in many ways, and life needs to be faced.

because anyone and all times have their own troubles, this is still the best time.

instead of nostalgic for the past and worrying about the future, it is better to fight for the present.

years are a journey with no return, and the good and the bad are the scenery.

every life you experience is "just in time".

go your own way, you don't have to envy others

someone once said:

"people, when they come into this world, there will always be a lot of unhappiness.

there will be a lot of unfairness, a lot of loss, and a lot of envy.

you envy my freedom, I envy your constraints;

you envy my car, I envy your house;

you envy my work. I envy you that you always have a rest every day.


all the creatures in the world envy each other and always feel that others are better off than themselves.

you don't have to envy others, because you always have your own light.

I followed a blogger on a video platform.

his family makes a living by fishing in the sea, and there are three children who are at school.

his daily routine is to go out to sea with his wife to collect the net.

most of the time, because of the tide, the couple went out to collect the net at more than three o'clock in the morning until dawn.

sell fish and shrimp, and then go home to pick up the children to school.

busy non-stop, day after day, very hard, very tired.

someone asked him why he didn't go out to work. After all, the income of fishing in the sea every day is not high and unstable.

he replied:

"I have been out to work before, but the thought of leaving my family and children makes my heart very heavy.

so I chose to go fishing in the sea. I can be with my family every day and take care of my mother, wife and children. I'm happy to work hard. "

people are often moved by his ordinary daily life.

he never envies others, onlyHold on to what you have.

what you can feel from him is the simplicity of an ordinary ordinary people and his optimistic attitude towards life.

there are all kinds of life, each has its own joys and sorrows.

you envy my leisure work, I envy you full of drive; you envy my rich family, I envy your family reunion.

We always like to look up at other people's lives, but ignore the happiness around us.

in a stormy life, just go your own way and see the scenery you like.

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give it to time, everything is the best arrangement

at every moment in life, there are anxious things: study, career, life, children, parents, lovers.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future.

We often worry about gains and losses because of the bad reality.

the only solution is to grit your teeth and get through it. You can't avoid difficulties. Instead of panicking, you should take the initiative to meet them and adjust the rhythm. If you want to slow down, you can achieve speed.

there is a saying:

"the setbacks and failures you are experiencing now only belong to the present. Give it to time and you will find that everything is the best arrangement."

who says it's not.

what will happen to us tomorrow? I have no idea.

just work hard and leave the rest to time.

from now on, don't indulge in fantasies, don't worry about others, study steadily, live a good life, and be a person close to happiness.

kind, brave, excellent, free and easy, forget the old uneasiness, have new happiness.


, wish you, also wish me.

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