To children: those who exercise self-discipline stand out and those who are lazy are out
To children: those who exercise self-discipline stand out and those who are lazy are out
The more disciplined you are, the more outstanding you will be.

there is a question and answer on Zhihu:

what will happen to those undisciplined children when they grow up?

A highly praised answer stabbed countless people:

"can't be the person you want to be, let alone the realization of your dream."

will only be forced to live, instead of meeting the challenges of life in a good state every day. "

that's the way it is. How hard you try, how special you are.

for most people, reading is the only way to change their destiny. study hard in order to get closer to their dreams.

parents must tell their children that there is an eternal truth in the world:

"those who exercise self-discipline stand out, but those who are lazy are out."

now dawdle along,

be careful that your days are mixed up with you

many children don't like to study, so they don't listen well in class, don't finish their homework well, and take exams just to piss off their parents.

I even think it's cool to hand in blank exams and go against the teacher in class.

but son, I want to tell you that in this world, no effort, no gain.

achievements are made through hard work, and future happiness depends on one's own efforts.

being young and frivolous should not be an excuse for not wanting to study. You want to be lazy all day today, and you want to be lazy all the time tomorrow.

indeed, the way to study is not easy, and it is most comfortable to eat and sleep and do nothing.

but society is not what you think. Although there are 360 lines and top performers in the industry, there is no certain knowledge and skills. How can you compete with others?

if you don't have a good family, your future will be more difficult if you don't study.

if you are not born smart, not reading will only make your life worse.

now idleness gives you a short period of happiness, and when you go to society, there will be competition everywhere. When you are busy with your livelihood, it will be too late to regret it.

dawdling along now is actually wasting your time and betting on your future.

when you lose, it will be too late.

how self-disciplined you are,

how lucky you are

it is true that self-discipline is a very uncomfortable thing, but at the same time self-discipline will bring people what they want.

you are as lucky as you are self-disciplined.

I saw such a holiday schedule on the Internet before:

this schedule, which runs from 6:40 in the morning to 23:50 in the evening, is so full that every minute counts.

many people saw this picture and left messages one after another:

"it's not that success doesn't come fast enough, but that you don't treat yourself hard enough."

Yes, the fundamental difference between high achiever and low achiever lies not in intelligence, but in study habits and self-discipline.

Why do some people just learn the same content quickly? it is because they have made more efforts than ordinary people behind them.

you are distracted by playing games and watching TV after dinner every night, and others have already begun to do their homework and prepare for their homework.

before you go to bed, you are still thinking that the game has not been played well, the TV play just now is not good enough, and tonight's homework is another day to copy the answers. Others have made plans for tomorrow and went to bed early.

the only difference between you and others is self-discipline, and self-disciplined people all know how to be cruel to themselves.

be hard-hearted to eat the hardships of learning, have a good class, do your homework well, and embody your self-discipline in every aspect of your study, because the harder you work, the luckier you are.

cultivate self-discipline as soon as possible

Gorky said: "even a little restraint from yourself will make people strong and powerful."

self-discipline determines whether a person walks far or not, flies high or not, and determines one's achievement.

in order to cultivate their children's self-discipline, parents need to do the following:

create a good learning atmosphere

whether children study at home or not has a lot to do with the learning atmosphere.

when the child's mind is not mature enough, concentration is very fragile, if the family learning atmosphere is not strong, it is easy to be distracted.

as parents, to cultivate children's self-discipline, first of all, it is necessary to create a good learning atmosphere for children, and parents try not to interfere with their children's learning.

help children manage their time

parents should first help their children realize the importance of managing time and the necessity of making plans.

it's easy to be in a hurry and procrastinate if you don't have a plan.

learn to manage time, make practical plans, and strictly follow plans, so that the habit of self-discipline can be formed.

parents lead by example

Dong Qing said: you can be what kind of person you want your child to be.

self-disciplined parents, the children raised will not be too bad.

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when parents live and work with self-discipline, their children will look at it and follow suit to learn.

No one can casually succeed, and high achiever didn't do it in a day.

excellent people know how to exercise self-discipline and learn to delay gratification.

Don't try to find shortcuts on the road of learning, look up at the stars and keep your feet on the ground.

the more self-discipline you are, the more outstanding you will be.