To judge whether a man will be poor or rich in the future, only look at these four points!
To judge whether a man will be poor or rich in the future, only look at these four points!
Birds of a feather flock together.


it is said in the four teachings: "when good is coming, you must know it first when you look at its good; when misfortune is coming, you must know it first if you look at its bad."

indeed, there are signs to follow, whether it is good or bad, rich or poor.

generally speaking, people who can do the following things will not ask for others if they are rich and prosperous, and they will be expensive if they are not rich for the rest of their lives.

look at his ambition

when I first opened the studio, I interviewed a lot of new people, and a boy left a deep impression on me.

he has a college degree and no work experience, so for start-up companies, he will not be willing to hire such rookie employees.

but before leaving, he stood at the door and said earnestly, "I know I am basic, but I can learn. Give me three months. If I don't do well, I will leave immediately."

in this way, he became a member of the team who should have been rejected.

live up to expectations. After joining the job, he was particularly responsible and diligent. He soon adapted to the new environment and caught up with others.

Qifa said that the theme of one debate was: "am I wrong if I'm not motivated?"

What else can you possible need: a great price, fantastic customer service and timely shipping, in addition to a perfect prom dresses with sleeves. These collections perfectly match all occasions.

the pros and cons are at loggerheads with each other, but what impresses most is Cai Kangyong's sentence:

"it's not a fault to be unmotivated, but you're bound to miss it."

ambition is a good thing, it will give you the motivation to keep going when you are at a low ebb, and the ability to narrow the gap or even catch up with others when you want to change.

Life is varied, and different people have different choices. Some people are determined to pursue a career, while others are content with the status quo and are content with the situation.

but no matter what kind of posture, the only thing you can't do without is ambition.

Gorky said: "the higher the goal a person pursues, the faster his ability will develop."

the so-called self-motivated is to pursue, look forward to and constantly surpass life.

self-motivated men, do not panic in case of trouble, the future is not confused, reliable and stable, worthy of a woman's life.

just as unmotivated employees are not good employees, unmotivated men are not good men!

look at his moments

some people say that moments is a person's best business card.

through moments, you can see your character and reflect your state of life.

some time ago, my good friend Miao Miao, arranged by my uncle, had a blind date.

Uncle Li has many friends and broad knowledge. It is said that the people introduced to Miao Miao have good jobs and high economic conditions.

when we met for the first time, the man was really handsome and neatly dressed, so the two sides added Wechat to each other to try to get along.

occasionally, Miao Miao is idle and has nothing to do, so he looks at the latest moments tweets.

so I see a circle of friends updated by the blind date:

"working overtime so late every day, the salary has not seen a rise, this day is simply hopeless."

Miao Miao thought at first that his work might not be going well and that he was under too much pressure, but looking through the contents of this person's previous moments, he found that this was the norm, and all kinds of dissatisfaction, complaints and even spam made people feel depressed.

it's annoying to be cut in line by a fool on the bus today.

there is a newcomer in the company, who can't be taught. He's stupid.

when I took the subway, I made an old man next to him, who smelled so bad and unlucky.


Miao Miao, who was still under consideration, after reading these moments, decisively told his uncle that this person was not suitable and refused to continue his relationship.

although moments is only a small place for a person to record his life and vent his feelings, it is slightly significant. Very often, at a small sign, you can see the nature and development trend of things.

to interact with people is to interact with details. Small details can see the character of people, and the circle of friends that follow one's heart can better reflect a person's inner world.

A person who only complains and groans painlessly in the circle of friends is mostly dark and hostile.

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is silent.

A man who is really rich should be low-key and calm.

do not show off their own light, do not blindly bully, know how to find good, and with goodwill, sunny righteousness.

look at the bottom line when he is angry

Hu Shi is a great talent in history, gentle and elegant, while his wife, Jiang Dongxiu, is fierce and grumpy. Every time he quarrels, he always has to be unforgiving, and even makes a scene like a shrew.

the two people who were supposed to be like clouds, but have a rare happy ending.

and the main reason for all this is mostly due to Hu Shi's way of quarreling!

Jiang Dongxiu is unforgiving. Every time the couple quarrel, Hu Shi gets furious.

the so-called calm down and become a great success.

emotion is a man's most direct emotional response.

Men who can accomplish great things often have extraordinary ability to control their emotions, not out of control, not impetuous, not reckless.

emotional stability is the secret to maintaining marriage, but if you lose control of your emotions, you will be beautiful.A full marriage is pushed off a cliff.

before that, there was a quarrel between a husband and wife, in which the husband was angry and killed his wife.

on the day of the incident, her husband Xiao Pan smoked on the balcony, making a room full of smoke. The wife said a few words, but Xiao Pan disagreed, so he quarreled.

did not think, Xiao Pan quarreled, lost his mind, picked up his wife and threw it downstairs.

the wife desperately grabbed the railing outside the window, but Xiao Pan broke it hard, resulting in the tragic death of his wife.

after that, Xiao Pan regretted and said, "I was mad. If I had calmed down, maybe I could have saved it!"

there are too many regrets in this world, but there is no antidote. Never cause irreparable damage because of a temporary loss of control.

there is no marriage without quarreling, and the closer the relationship is, the more likely it is to have conflicts.

but worry is not the reason why you are out of control, and anger is not the reason for you to do bad things.

as the saying goes: virtue is bliss, there is no anger, there is no disaster, a broad heart and a long life, great wisdom is self-affluence.

A man with real ability is able to keep the bottom line when he is angry and control his emotions when he is arguing.

look at his friends

before, the "most awesome high achiever dormitory" of Lanzhou University became popular on the Internet.

there are four people in the dormitory, all of whom protect famous universities.

it is not easy for a dormitory group to be admitted to a graduate student. When asked why, they answer as follows:

"We urge each other every day. One person wakes up others when he gets up early. When someone is lazy, everyone will remind him and urge him."

the so-called circle determines life. A person's potential has a close relationship with his friends.

Ouyang Xiu once worked in Yingzhou, and there was a young man under him, Lu Gong, who was bent on asking for advice and looking forward to making good friends with him.

he was optimistic about Lu Gong's penchant for learning, so he interacted with him.

once, when his good friend Fan Zhongyan came to visit, Ouyang Xiu invited Lu Gong to accompany him to talk and exchange poems and songs.

after three rounds of drinking, Fan Zhongyan said to Lu Gong, "those who are close to Zhu are red, and those who are close to ink are black. It's great that you can study around Ouyang Xiu. Your writing level will certainly improve a lot in the future!"

Lu Gong is deeply impressed.

later, with the help and guidance of Ouyang Xiu, Lu Gong's ability became increasingly prominent, and he wrote a lot of books all his life.

what kind of people you approach, you will go the same way.

when you are with vulgar people, you will be bothered by the trivialities of life, and the gossip and gossip after dinner is the state of your life.

with people who study and start a business, you are talking about academic knowledge and future prospects, all of whom are in high spirits and have unlimited hope in life.

A good circle can inspire you to make progress, but a bad circle will kill your efforts alive.

as Han Han said, "how far a person can go depends on who he is traveling with. How good a person is depends on who guides him. How successful a person is depends on who he is with."

birds of a feather flock together.

A drop of water will not dry up only if it melts into the sea; only when one joins the circle of excellence, the road will become wider and wider.

No matter whether he is rich or poor, as long as he has a good heart and a true body, no matter how rough the future is, he will be able to change the spring breeze into rain, cut through mountains and rivers, and go to a broad road!

encourage each other!