To know a man clearly, you don't have to try again and again, just see if he is …...
To know a man clearly, you don't have to try again and again, just see if he is …...
Love each other well and grow old slowly.

saw a passage the other day about the feelings of adults--

maybe you and I were still talking about love yesterday, and in the twinkling of an eye we could quarrel and say goodbye.

even if there are still a lot of reluctant to give up, they are not willing to deliver the whole heart again.

doubt when you hug, test when you talk to each other.

test whether it is qualified, whether the so-called love and love is enough to support a long life.

but in the final analysis, when a man really loves you, there is no need for you to test again and again, you only need to look at him for three points:

see if he can share troubles with you, see if he can share prosperity with you, and see if he can take a step back for you.

whether I can share my troubles with you

my friend Hideko broke up with her boyfriend of nearly five years because she was in a hard relationship.

as for the reasons, they are all trivial.

he doesn't like what he says.

he is a straight man and doesn't know anything about romance.

he doesn't admit to be a pussy when he quarrels and doesn't deceive people when he is sad.

there are more contradictions and disappointments. I only think that they will inevitably go their separate ways in the end. Unexpectedly, when I go home this time, I hear that the two are already busy preparing for the wedding.

was originally surprised, but when he learned the whole story, he suddenly felt understandable, because he was really a man worth trusting, and the thing that impressed him most was--

at that time, Yingzi lost her job and was found to have premature ovarian failure. The doctor said the worst result was that she could not get pregnant.

when he was poor and tired, it was he who found Yingzi again.

this is more than that period of time--

he learned to make chicken soup and do housework.

become harder to make money, I wish I could give birth to three heads and six arms.

in the face of his mother's obstruction, his attitude is even more resolute than ever. He said that he can live without children, but not without a loved one.

to tell you the truth, if I were Yingzi, I would also feel moved.

that kind of nothing, as if abandoned by the world, there is a person by your side without saying a word, and no one can be indifferent, right?

as they say:

when a man is heading in the right direction, you will feel that your small emotions and careful thoughts can suddenly be let go.

you don't care if he can't talk.

he won't be a pussy, and you can tolerate him if he doesn't cajole others.

after all, anyone who has experienced love knows:

the saddest thing in the world is that he says he loves you very much, but he can easily give you up at any time.

and it is a commendable thing to be firmly chosen and guarded at any time.

I remember that Zhang ailing wrote about the enemy of Fan Liuyuan and Bai tassel in the Love of the City.

when they first met, they tried again and again and were suspicious of each other, and their relationship was almost impossible to sustain.

even if Bai tassel goes to Hong Kong and goes to Fan Liuyuan alone, they still doubt each other's sincerity and intention without putting aside their temptation and suspicion.

it was not until later, when Fan Liuyuan was determined to leave Hong Kong, that Fan Liuyuan chose to turn back to protect the white tassel.

at that moment, in the words of Zhang ailing:

No more suspicion.

No more temptations.

when you don't care about life and death for one person, you are willing to bind your fate to each other firmly;

then, please believe that in this cold world, everything about money, real estate and Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) doesn't matter.

the only thing worth cherishing is the person next to you at the moment.

whether I can share the prosperity with you

it is the true love that can share adversity hand in hand.

what can flourish hand in hand is romantic long-term love.

as the saying goes:

the most precious thing is to share true feelings with each other.

you have to know, it's nothing to have seen a man at his lowest point. It's great that you can still stand side by side when he's up high.

like Cao Dewang and Chen Fengying.

Cao Dewang, the name must be no stranger to you, a famous glass king.

his wife's name is Chen Fengying, who accompanied him in the wind and rain and in the mud and ash.

when the couple got married, the conditions of the Cao family were so poor that Chen Fengying's family did not agree to this marriage at all:

"his family is poor and needless to say. He also has a sick mother. You don't know how much you have to suffer when you get married."

but Chen Fengying was unmoved: "although his family is poor, he is very ambitious."

in this way, Chen Fengying pawned her dowry and gave him the money to do business with only one sentence: "I support you."

as a result, Cao Dewang lost all his money and sold his house in order to pay off his debts. Chen Fengying still had only one sentence: "I support you."

the days of those years were really extremely bitter, but the later stories did not disappoint people. Cao Dewang finally made his way out of the world with his extraordinary talent.

in 2015, he was worth more than 100 million.

he did a big job this year.

he put himselfAll the property has been recorded in Chen Fengying's name.

others ask why?

like Chen Fengying, he only said one sentence:

"this woman has contributed silently to me for so many years."

Yes! After so many years of silent dedication, don't you deserve to stand side by side with your husband and flourish hand in hand?

the sincere delivery of that day, in exchange for the sincere return now, their stories always remind me of that sentence:

there are two kinds of people in this world, one is the woman who accompanies you when you are at a dead end, and the other is the man who will not abandon his wife when you are through hardships.

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I have often heard such stories over the years because of my work.

Men and women have been walking through ups and downs for almost ten years. Life used to be tight, but now they have a house and a car, but they both have two hearts--

Men are dissatisfied that women don't do anything, so they take care of two children and are unhappy every day.

Women are dissatisfied with men being away from home all day, busy socializing, busy with business, and losing their temper every day.

obviously they used to love each other, but now they hate each other.

it is obvious that we have suffered so much together, but now we are unable to share this sweetness.

such an ending is really sad.

in the final analysis, the first heart is easy to get, but always difficult to defend.

I hope every man doesn't underestimate the woman who followed you when you had nothing.

I hope you can all remember the hardships of the past, and then understand that it is not easy now.

I hope you can all be a little more determined and tolerant.

after all, as a woman, although she can bear hardships, she is not only worthy of hardships.

can I take a step back for you

think of my aunt.

when his aunt married his uncle, he was sent to Cambodia.

Auntie had no choice but to take care of the big and small things in the family by herself.

busy with work and life, living like a man for a long time--

the light bulb breaks and the water pipe clogs itself.

run up and down to take care of the old people on both sides.

and raised two children.

washing and cooking, not to mention taking care of the elderly, everything at home, large and small, can be done according to my aunt's mind, even if I am occasionally scolded, I can accept it with a smile.

people around laugh at the fact that my uncle is getting more and more like a rake on his ears, and he has no idea at all, but the uncle does not explain himself, in his words:

"is it awesome to be arrogant in front of your wife?

this woman, who has lived a hard life with me for half her life, has given birth to two children for me. Why can't she swallow her anger? You can't give way to anything. "

I have deep feelings.

who doesn't have his own temper?

but the one who puts down his temper first is the winner in the relationship.

because of that little bit of "pussy", he is not mean when he is angry, and he can give way in a quarrel. It is a performance that only cares about a person.

in my eyes, my uncle and aunt are like this, and so are Chen Xiaochun and Ying Caier.

A few days ago, they took part in a variety show called "freshman Diary", in which I was deeply impressed by a detail--

Chen Xiaochun took pictures of pregnant women for Ying Cai er, but Ying Cai er was not satisfied.

dislike him for a while and make himself ugly.

later accused him of not shooting attentively enough.

in short, I am not satisfied with what I mean.

in the end, Chen Xiaochun was also angry, and the atmosphere was on the brink. The man, who had always been famous for his bad temper, chose to back down on the grounds that he did not want to have friction with Caier.

his attitude really showed me that the iron man also had a tender side. He said, "if I disagree with Caier, even if I get angry again, I will certainly give in."

think of that sentence:

anger can best reveal the true face of a man.

A man who really loves you will not treat you hysterically when he is angry, let alone let quarrel become a stumbling block to your relationship, because he knows very well--

the heat does not come back to the cooler heart.

those who are angry can not be found back.

does someone love you

it's really obvious

people who have experienced it know:

as soon as the reproach was uttered, the two men were pulled to the opposite side.

the relationship is actually very fragile, whether two people can enter the marriage depends on whether you were in love at first, and whether two people can run the marriage depends on how you treat each other.

A man who really loves you--

can share adversity with you at the trough of life;

when the years are like songs, I can prosper with you;

in the emotional confrontation, can take a step back for you.

I don't know if there is such a person around you right now.

if there is, please remember to cherish it.

as the saying goes:

any long-term relationship stems from the inseparability of one person and the waiting and treasure of another.

Life is too short. Don't waste time on suspicion, temptation, blame, quarrel.