To live an interesting life is the highest state of life.
To live an interesting life is the highest state of life.
After recognizing the truth of life, I still love life.

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when you mention boredom, you immediately think of these words: cold, boring, stiff, dull.

boring people will keep people away even if they don't keep people away.

Jia Pingwa said: "people can be ignorant, but not boring."

and interesting people, like flowers in spring, cool breeze in summer, full moon in autumn, snow in winter, make people comfortable, such as spring breeze.

the more you see everything in the world, the more you want to be with interesting people.

an interesting life may not be very successful, but the posture of life will be extraordinary.

to live an interesting life in a boring life is the highest state of life.

fun, let the boring life blossom

in the adult world, there is no such thing as "easy". Everyone has bad times.

as long as you don't complain and accept it calmly, you will be able to step on the rough road and turn insipid into interesting and interesting.

interesting people are positive and optimistic, their hearts are positive, and they exude positive energy. No matter where they are, they will be surrounded by birds and flowers.

have seen such a short story:

in the school, there is a new batch of freshmen.

according to regulations, every student will be given new equipment during military training.

because everyone's height and weight are not measured before distribution, these clothes often do not match everyone's figure, so people can only choose the clothes closest to their bodies to wear.

A student happened to be absent when choosing equipment, so everyone left him a dress that was much bigger than himself.

one day, the teacher came to check the post and saw that the student's clothes were very big and his hat was so big that he almost covered his eyes.

the teacher asked, "Why are your clothes and hat so big?"

he replied, "report, it's not my clothes and hat that are big, but my body and head are too small."

the teacher was amused and said, "isn't your body and head too small because your clothes and hat are too big?"

the student replied, "my mother taught me that as an upright man, whatever happens, I should first look for my own problems, not other problems."

self-blackness is a kind of smart and funny. When you can find a reason from yourself and stop staring at others, you will become an open-minded and wise person.

self-mockery is sometimes a sharp weapon to break through difficulties.

Let people live an interesting and lively life in a dull living environment.

the painter Modigliani once incorporated his attitude towards life into his paintings.

his portraits are very interesting, showing only one eye.

he said:

"the greatest disadvantage of people is that both eyes are used to stare at others and the outside world, so it is difficult to self-test. Therefore, we should observe the world around us with one eye and examine ourselves with the other. "

it is true.

if you often think about your own mistakes and do not judge others by yourself, you will go further.

although life is boring, interesting people will seize a little bit of happiness and luck to make the boring life blossom.

interesting, is high EQ

in Cai Gentan, it is said: "if you study poorly, you should put interest first."

means: to study books and make a thorough study of things, you should put your interests and interests first.

it is better to be interesting than to be reasonable.

everyone may know how to convince people with reason, but it is not easy to convince people with fun. They need IQ and EQ even more.

Zuo Zongtang likes playing chess.

on an expedition, I was about to leave the city when I saw a beggar with a broken game and a sign of "the first game in the world".

Zuo Zongtang was not convinced and came to the beggar and broke the situation three times and two times. And pulled off the sign of "the first game in the world" and set out with the team.

A few years later, Zuo Zongtang returned with a big victory. I met the beggar again, still with the sign of "the first game in the world".

Zuo Zongtang was very angry, but the beggar said, "my Lord, why not go to the next game and let me lose so convincingly?"

so Lien Chan's three sets ended in failure.

the beggar smiled and said:

"before going out to battle, General Zuo had a heavy task on his shoulders and was afraid of frustrating the public. He hinted that the chess field was like a battlefield, and when he encountered a dangerous situation, he must be confident that he could turn defeat into victory. The general is a little arrogant when he comes back from victory today, so he can't let you go. "

when Zuo Zongtang heard this, he was so ashamed that he immediately bowed to the old man and said with emotion, "my husband is not only good at chess, but also knows how to behave in the world, so he can be a teacher all his life!"

while lamenting that this story is full of fun, I have to admire the beggar's superior vision and mind.

the reason why interesting souls are one in a million is that fun is an extension of wisdom and a display of high EQ.

A person with a strong emotional quotient does not necessarily have a high position of power, nor is he necessarily good-looking and talented.

but they must be able to control the situation and master the yardstick, so that they can advance and retreat well.

interesting, not grandstanding, but suddenly enlightened after satisfying your curiosity, and suddenly enlightened after enjoying comfort.

it's funny, it never gives up.Style

fun is not only a kind of realm, but also a kind of character.

like a man's armor, it makes people fearless in the face of danger, like a little flower on a cliff, proudly strong.

Lu Xun is not only a great writer, but also an interesting person.

once, Lu Xun was walking around the streets of Shanghai, followed by a man stalking.

Lu Xun deliberately regarded him as a beggar, turned around and handed over a piece of silver: "buy food and eat."

A silver dollar, a sarcastic remark, is enough to impress an opponent.

on another occasion, Lu Xun, who dressed simply, went to get a haircut. The barber didn't know him and thought he had no money, so he dealt with it hastily.

Lu Xun not only was not angry about this, but also casually took out a handful of money when paying the bill. As soon as the barber counted it, he gave it twice as much and immediately smiled.

after a while, Lu Xun went to this shop to have his hair cut again. The barber still remembers him, the hospitality is warm, and the haircut time is much longer than last time.

after getting a haircut, Lu Xun took out his money and counted it to the barber one by one, which happened to be the market price.

the barber asked disgruntled, "Why do you give so little today and so much last time?"

Lu Xun replied with a smile, "the last time you had a sloppy haircut, I paid for it carelessly; this time I paid for it seriously."

the barber was speechless and ashamed.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise." Those who win are strong, and those who win by themselves are strong. "

the reason why Lu Xun knows others and knows himself is that he has experienced life polishing, can understand the hearts of the people and has an insight into human nature.

only when a person has stable and ruthless judgment can he exude an unquenchable spirit from his bones.

Life is hard. To be with interesting people, you have to learn to be interesting.

interesting people, who have both flamboyant pride and gentle kindness, can mute suffering, hold a kind of inclusive values, and live a different style.

Roman Roland said in the Biography of Michelangelo: there is only one true heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the truth of life, you still love life.

Don't use bad to deal with bad, don't use darkness to deal with darkness.

maybe the real meaning of interest lies in this sentence:

"the reason why there is a crack is where the light comes in."


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