To really mature, you need to give up three times!
To really mature, you need to give up three times!
When a person is really mature, he should not only be able to afford it, but also be able to let it go.

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in the Book of morality, it is said: "see plain, selfish and selfish."

the more mature life is, the purer and simpler the heart will be, and the less selfish desires and miscellaneous thoughts will be, the more you will return to nature.

when a person reaches a certain age, don't look at what he carries, but how much he gives up.

if you want to really mature in your life, you need to give up three times.

give up obsession

there are eight hardships in life, one of which is called "can't ask".

Destiny is like the sea. If a man is in a boat, there will always be an inviolable destiny, and there will be people beyond his reach.

even if he is as holy as Confucius, there are things that cannot be done.

Confucius stood at 30 and was not confused at 40, but when he was in his thirties, he tried to promote etiquette in the State of Qi, but he was almost killed.

then, overnight, Confucius fell out of favor, was discouraged, and began his arduous journey around the world.

it is precisely because of his systematic arrangement of culture that thousands of years of brilliant civilization can be preserved.

the ancients said:

"Saints do nothing, so they are undefeated;

No clinging, so there is nothing to lose.


do something stubbornly



it is easy to fail if the weather is not right and it is not right for the people.

Let nature take its course, take advantage of the situation and govern by doing nothing, on the contrary, there will be unexpected surprises.

as the saying goes, "if you plant flowers intentionally, you will not blossom."

when there are only flowers in your eyes, it will hurt spring and autumn and affect sorrow and joy for it.

if you still have willow, cinnamon and locust in your eyes, your world will open a whole luxuriant forest.

persevere in the heart, at the end of the mountain and water; let go of the obsession, the willow is dark and the flowers are bright.

give up hope

as the saying goes, "Heaven is healthy, and a gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement."

if you want to prosper and live forever, you must know how to be self-reliant and self-reliant.

No one can count on you forever. Don't count on anyone but yourself.

an expedition went deep into the desert and lost its way.

they split into two teams. One team sent a radio signal for help and stopped to rest and wait for rescue.

the other team, taking advantage of the starry sky at night, tried to figure out the direction and drove forward all night.

when the second group ran out of food and water and was about to die of thirst, they finally walked out of the desert.

and received the signal, sent to the first rescue team, encountered a sandstorm on the road.

people often say, "if you lean on a mountain, it will fall; if you rely on others, you will run."

mature people never expect too much, because nothing can be relied on.

raising children does not necessarily prevent old age, so don't raise children with the mentality of preventing old age; friends are not necessarily reliable, so you should also prevent others from stabbing you twice.

you can be friendly to others, but don't expect others to be kind to you.

what you expect from others will only be the cause of your pain.

Wise men say that people live in the world, walk alone, have their own joys and sorrows, and there is no generation.

No matter the joys and sorrows, there is no one to replace, whose life, who makes his own decisions; whose joys and sorrows, who knows.

abandon comparison

there are poems:

"there is no correlation, difficult and easy to form, long and short phase shape, high and low phase tilt."

Are you looking for a perfect red sequin prom dress to shine like a star? There are perfect pieces for formal and informal events.

all things have yin and yang and unity of opposites.

Life is born in the world, but is different, not to compete for long and short, but to complement each other.

once upon a time there was a young Taoist priest who was stupid by nature. he worked hard and had low self-esteem.

he is discouraged and wants to go down the mountain and return to vulgarity.

Master asked him why?

the Taoist priest said

: "Brother, brother, they are all better than me. They talk mysteriously and wonderfully, like a bird rising above the clouds, but I am clumsy, but I am like a quail jumping on branches. "

Master paused and said meaningfully, "has that Peng bird practiced the way of immortals and transcended life and death?"

the Taoist priest suddenly realized.

the purpose of spiritual practice is never to compare with others and strive for fame and wealth.

if you blindly compare with others on details, you will put the cart before the horse and forget your original intention.

in the Book of changes, it is said: "the world has a different way to return to the same place, consistent and full of worries."

Life is a long way, some people walk the Yangguan Road, some people walk on a single wooden bridge, some people ride horses over mountains, some people cross rivers and lakes by boat.

but no matter which road you go, there is no need to worry about it, because all rivers end up in the sea and life is on its way home.

go your own way for the rest of your life and let others talk about it.

the book says:

"Tao gives birth to one, one to two, two to three, and three to all things.


adding in the first half of life is the prosperity of life, and subtraction in the second half of life is the return of virtue.

to pick up is to do something, to be born and to be human; to give up is to do nothing, to finish.The wisdom of his life.

when a person is really mature, he should not only be able to afford it, but also be able to let go!


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