Trade-offs of different ages (epiphany)
Trade-offs of different ages (epiphany)
Do a good job in every mileage of life and live well in every age group.


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people face different problems and different philosophies at different ages.

A truly wise person knows what to worry about at what age and what not to care about. He can take and give up and put it away freely.

if you understand the following wisdom of trade-offs in different age groups, you will take fewer detours.

Twenty years old, no comparison, be yourself

Twenty-year-old young people are not only the least stressed, but also the most impetuous.

envy what others have, stare at what is impractical, and never think about what suits you.

Wanna create an attractive look with our stunning elegant long sleeve dresses? You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

the result is that you dabble in everything, and by the time you look back, the most precious time has been wasted.

Twenty years old, the most important thing is not to envy other people's lives and find things that suit you.

find the right direction and stick to it no matter how hard it is.

there is a good saying in "Man Jiang Hong": "do not wait for ease, white juvenile head, empty sorrowful."

the solid foundation you laid at the age of twenty can pave the way for surprises in the future.

Twenty years old, don't think too much, do it.

keep your feet on the ground and work hard, and you will have surpassed most of your peers.

30 years old, don't fight, control your temper

Qian Zhongshu once said that I like it very much: "Twenty is not crazy for a young man, but thirty is still crazy and mindless."

30 years old, less than one-third of the youth frivolous, more than five points of steady maturity.

if you are still moody, it will only make people feel immature and unreliable.

when you reach thirty, you will win if you learn not to fight.

because anger will not solve the problem, it will only aggravate the conflict.

when you stop wasting time arguing and quietly precipitate yourself, time will give you what you want.

Life is long, but you can go faster without fighting.

calm, tolerant and magnanimous is the best way to live at the age of 30.

40 years old, not greedy, contented

Cai Lan said:

"most of the troubles and fears in life are because of greed. The more you want, the more you lose."

the reason why life is too bitter is probably because the desire is too full, and the reality is bony.

at the age of forty, he began to go downhill.

both physical strength and energy are not as good as they used to be, and a lot of things are inevitably inadequate.

at this time, it is necessary to subtract life: reduce desires and learn to be content.

Buddha said that contentment is bliss, and non-greed is fulfillment.

the greatest sorrow in life is to chase infinite desires with limited life, and the loss outweighs the gain.

too many desires, too greedy, it is easy to lose themselves, miss a lot of precious things in life.

when people reach forty, it is age that gets more and more, and time that gets less and less.

learn to be content, give up superfluous desires, and don't try to be brave.

cherish what you have now, cherish the time you spend with your family, is the simplest happiness at this age.

50 years old, don't ask, everything goes with fate

it is said in the Book of changes: "know how to advance or retreat and survive without losing its right."

to be a man, you should know how to advance and retreat, and know that enough is enough, when to advance and when to retreat.

when a man is fifty, when he is over 50, he already has what he should have, and it is futile to ask for what he does not have.

this is the way life is. It is doomed to have too much to meet and too much to do.

Let go of obsession and accept imperfections, so that you can get a better view.

if you don't insist on everything, you can grasp the present and live up to what you already have.

as Tao Yuanming also wrote in the three songs of form, Shadow and God: "if you should do what you should, you must do it, and there is no need to worry alone."

when people are over 50, they should learn to let nature take its course and look down on gains and losses. Everything goes with fate, is the healthiest state of mind.

60 years old, don't worry, smile at life

60-year-old Su Shi was exiled from Danzhou, Hainan, the most dangerous and remote place at that time.

but he did not complain, he did not complain, he was not unwilling, and he was suddenly optimistic.

he even wrote to his son Su Guo:

"the raw oysters in Hainan are so delicious, you mustn't tell those people in the court, or they will certainly come to Hainan to rob me."

from Su Dongpo, we can see that when people are over 60, the best way to live is to laugh at life.

the experience of the first half of life has taught us that worry can't solve any problems, so it's better to face the rest of your life with a smile.

Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. Do not worry about their future, nor worry about their future.

Buddha said: "things change with the heart, the environment is created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart."

smiling at life is the best reward for hard work in the first half of life.

smiling at life is the highest wisdom after the age of sixty.

Zhang ailing said: "what is short is life, and what is long is suffering."

Life seems to be long, but it comes to the end of life inadvertently.

No time to regret, no time to sigh, no time to chaseRemember.

do a good job in every mileage of life and live well in every age group.

the greatest blessing in life is to live up to the years and yourself.

different ages, different choices, different years, different lives.

May you have the wisdom to choose and give a satisfactory answer in the spiritual practice of life.