True wealth is the smile on your face.
True wealth is the smile on your face.
A smile can drive away sorrow and heal the heart.

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Hugo said:

"there is one thing that is more like us than our faces, and that is our expressions; there is another thing that is more like us than expressions, and that is our smiles."

A person is often judged not by his wallet, but by the smile on his face.

like Sanmao's sentence very much:

"when I laugh, my noodles are like spring flowers, which must be touching, no matter who he is."

A smile is a flower blooming on people's faces, regardless of the four seasons, north or south, always emitting fragrance.

smile, can drive away sadness, can heal people, is the most powerful weapon against depression.

A person is really rich and full of spirit, not in external things, but in a smile from the heart.

people who love to laugh will not have too bad luck

I went to a breakfast restaurant, and everyone called the boss "Uncle Li".

the business of this store has always been good. Every time I pass by, I can always see a long queue in the store.

while the breakfast shop next to it is deserted, ask other guests carefully before they know why.

it turns out that in addition to the good quality of Li Shu's breakfast, the service attitude is more popular.

when customers come to buy breakfast, Uncle Li always greets them with a smile, greets them kindly, and silently writes down the preferences of regular customers and becomes one with them.

Breakfast needs to get up early and get dark. At the end of the day, people's spirits are often exhausted, and it is rare to keep a smiling face.

compared with the breakfast shop next to him, the clerk always keeps a straight face, as if someone owes him money, and no one wants to go in.

the verdict was decided and lost in the smile.

the poet Tagore said:

"when a person smiles, the world will fall in love with him."

if the eyes are the windows of the soul, the smile is the business card of the personal image.

A person with a frown on his face and a serious look on his face will inevitably give the impression that he is difficult to approach.

and always smile on his face, his face is kind and kind, which not only makes himself happy, but also warms others.

after a warm "business card" is handed out, others will feel sincere and approachable;

whether it is doing business or dealing with people, it is more popular with people, and the road of life is naturally getting wider and wider.

having three thousand troubles is better than a calm smile

heard a story:

in ancient times, there was a philosopher who lived in poverty and could only live in a crowded small house with a few friends.

but he can always enjoy himself when everyone else is complaining.

when others were puzzled, he explained, "although the residence is a bit crowded, it is also convenient for everyone to communicate and talk at any time. This is a pleasure."

later, his friends got married and moved out, leaving him alone.

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looking at the philosopher who stayed alone but still at ease, my friends became more curious.

he smiled and said, "now I finally have room to read quietly, which is also worth being happy."

A master of life is always confident and cheerful, with a warm smile on his face.

Life is only thirty thousand days, who doesn't cherish joys and sorrows.

in life, who does not have troubles and worries, who has not experienced setbacks and ups and downs?

people who love to laugh do not have everything going well in life, but they understand that it is never depression that defeats suffering, optimism and smile.

even if you can't control the misfortune and misfortune of fate, at least the smile on your face can be decided by yourself.

my heart is full of sunshine, but I am not afraid of the darkness ahead.

seize every opportunity to smile and rejoice in bitterness.

be a cheerful person, a warm person, an upward person, and a person full of positive energy.

if you live for yourself, you will smile brightly

Bai Yansong said:

"sometimes we live very tired, not because life is too mean, but because we are too easily infected by the atmosphere of the outside world and influenced by the emotions of others."

the mood is your own. If you only live in the eyes and mouth of others, you will not be able to take the initiative to make yourself happy.

people live not to live for others to see, only to be the most authentic themselves, live for themselves, smile brightly.

once, the writer Mo Yan treated us to roast duck. After everyone was full, there was still a lot of roast duck left.

Mo Yan thought, this is not a waste. So I ate all the time and didn't stop.

someone said, "look at Mo Yan. You have to eat his money back."

Mo Yan felt shameless and went home to tell his mother about it.

his mother told him that he would go to dinner later, drink two bowls of porridge and eat two steamed buns in advance.

after returning to Beijing, Mo Yan did so. When he went to dinner with his friends, Mo Yan ate slowly.

as a result, some people still say:

"look at Mo Yan's fake strength, as if he could eat like Jia Baoyu with only his front teeth."

it is true that the world is so complicated that everyone has a mouth and can't control it.

there will always be people who appreciate you, and you will always be appreciated.Some people criticize you, it is impossible to make everyone satisfied, happy to be yourself is the most important.

Life is too short, there are too many beautiful things to appreciate, too much precious time to enjoy.

in the gossip, just focus on yourself, live yourself well, whenever there is always a confident smile on your face, life will be full of sunshine and beauty everywhere.

A smile is a gift to others and a wealth to yourself

your smile is the most healing power, better than the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Sanmao said:

"try to eat a candy every day, and then tell yourself that today is really sweet."

Life is short. Remember to turn happiness into a habit, whether in prosperity or adversity.

if life is difficult, then I wish you happiness.


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