What "beaters" fear most is not poverty or tiredness, but.
What "beaters" fear most is not poverty or tiredness, but.
Give parents a guarantee, give yourself a peace of mind!

this year, the trunk of "beating workers" is particularly popular.

overnight, all kinds of jokes related to it swept the Internet. For example, "working as a worker, working as a soul, working is a superior person", "there is no difficult job, only brave workers" …...

it seems funny, but it is actually a kind of catharsis.

people hope to get rid of the boredom of life through this kind of banter and self-deprecation.

after all, the world of "beating workers" hides too much sadness:

Housing loan, car loan, children's education, living expenses.

and as parents get older, their health problems gradually become another big stone on the minds of young people.


parents have no disease and no pain, which is the greatest strength of their children

the Shanghai Wedding Center once conducted a survey, "what are Chinese young people most afraid of?"

at first, people thought the answer would be "no money", "overtime" and "being urged to marry". However, surprisingly, among the many respondents, nearly 70% of them were most worried about--

"fear of parents' sudden illness".

this is indeed the case.

only when parents have no disease and no pain, can their children go well and build their own lives bravely and fearlessly.

once the disease strikes, all sweet dreams are empty talk.

I have a friend, Dawen, who can be regarded as a senior "beating worker".

after graduating from college, she rejected her parents' suggestion of "going home to take an examination" and resolutely stayed in Beijing. With his own efforts, he became an operations manager in three years.

in the eyes of others, she has strong ability and high salary, and her life is called glamorous.

however, a phone call breaks the illusion of freedom.

Mom got into ICU after a sudden cerebral hemorrhage. When she hurried home, worried about her mother's illness, she was more worried about the terrible medical expenses. The first day of joining ICU, only one day, spent 1W.

when he was discharged from the hospital, his savings for many years were almost used up.

for the first time in her life, she felt that spending money was like running water. Before, she was carefree and did not worry about food and clothing. She was simply vulnerable to her parents' illness.

in the face of huge medical expenses, how can a person be forced into?

Dou Wentao, a famous host, was in urgent need of money after his mother was hospitalized after a stroke. He, who had vowed never to "appear in public" to pick up the commercial performance, must not start to put aside his "face" and make extra money.

in fact, he is very lucky, after all, he still has a way to make money.

most people in life can do nothing but watch and do nothing.

do you still remember Zhao Yong, who maxed out the moments before?

having just graduated from graduate school, he has signed up for a large design institute and has a lovely girlfriend. The future is full of infinite possibilities. However, my father was hospitalized and the huge medical expenses shattered everything in a moment.

he gave up love and his job.

he sells paintings and borrows money everywhere, but even if he gives up everything, the final result is not entirely satisfactory.

therefore, in the face of accidents and diseases, if we do not have enough resistance to risks, what will fall on us will be the bitterness and difficulties of life.


"I'm fine" is the most common lie told by parents

however, what makes people feel more guilty than "can't afford medical expenses" is that parents are sensible.

I remember talking to a friend about my parents' health problems.

she said a sentence, which impressed me deeply:

"I'm worried that if my parents get sick, I can't afford the medical expenses. I'm even more afraid that my parents won't tell me if they worry that I can't afford it."

the words are a little roundabout, but they are very true.

singer Li Ronghao once revealed similar "regrets" in an interview.

he said that when he first made his debut, he devoted himself to music and had no time to care about his parents.

later, my father got cancer, so he didn't tell him for fear of affecting his work. Li Ronghao didn't know about it until he died. When I returned to my father, I stayed with him for only two days.

it seems that parents are sick and children are always the last to know.

because you can never imagine how much patience and lies are hidden behind those "I'm fine".

Uncle also has deep feelings about this.

my mother had a polyp in her stomach and needed surgery, but she never went to the hospital and didn't tell me. If I feel uncomfortable, I often swallow a handful of medicine and carry it over.

until the epidemic at home at the beginning of the year, I stayed with my parents for a long time.

I didn't know about it until the can of medicine in the drawer.

I asked my parents why they didn't tell me.

but when I started contacting the hospital to prepare for the operation, my mother began to put it off again, saying, "it's no big deal, my body knows it." in fact, she was worried about spending money.

because they remember that they had bought insurance for themselves before, but now they know only after asking carefully: the insurance company told them that they were too old to buy it, but it came to nothing in the end.


nothing in the world is happiest than the health of parents

the greatest happiness in life is the health of parents.

parents are here, home is there;

parentsOnly by being healthy can we go out and work hard without worries.

for our own peace of mind, but also for our parents' peace of mind, as children, we must have a good sense of risk and provide health protection for our parents before accidents occur.

instead of keeping the so-called "filial piety" in superficial greetings.

for example:

often call back and chat with parents;

take parents for a comprehensive physical examination regularly;

when it comes to insurance, especially for parents, uncle has to recommend

Ping an e-Life Insurance 2020

. This is also the result of my choice for my parents after the epidemic.

who says parents can't buy insurance when they are old?

now everyone has a sense of insurance, but the problem is--

people over 61 years old

it is difficult to buy suitable insurance, either it is not available, or there are many restrictions. Compared with young people, people of parents are the most likely to get sick and need insurance more.

in order to solve everyone's worries,

Ping an e-Life Insurance 2020


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61-65 years old


the original insured age is 28 days-60 years old.

the biggest difficulty for parents to buy insurance is that the older they are, the more difficult it is to buy it. Take advantage of the rare opportunity. Don't miss out on books in need.

0.55 yuan per day, no longer worry about parents getting sick!

Why did you choose

Ping an e-Life Insurance 2020


the most important thing is that the age of insurance is relaxed. Then, my uncle also looked at many similar medical insurance policies on the market and found that the protection responsibility of Ping an e-health insurance is very solid.

first of all, the insured amount is high enough and the reimbursement range is wide.

every year

2 million general medical insurance benefits and 2 million specific medical insurance benefits,

covers 120 diseases inside and outside the social security. If it is verified to be in the insurance liability,

regardless of serious illness, minor illness, fall accident, it can be insured after the deductible


and compared with many deductibles of 20, 000 insurances, Ping an e-Health Insurance 2020

the deductible is only 10,000

, it's still a good deal.

secondly, within the scope of guarantee,

in addition to treatment expenses, medical expenses, bed expenses, nursing expenses, meals and so on, they can also be reimbursed.

comprehensively lighten the economic burden of patients and their families ~

when the burden is reduced, the patient can treat the disease at ease.

the most noteworthy thing is--

Ping an e-Life Insurance 2020


the time range of emergency diagnosis before and after hospitalization was extended to 30 days before and after 30 days.

this is also the biggest highlight of this upgrade.

you know, most million health insurance policies on the market now cover only 7 days before hospitalization and 30 days after discharge. In other words, Ping an e-Health Insurance 2020 can be reimbursed for a longer period of time.

such as pre-hospitalization examination, post-discharge revisit, are covered!

scan the code and buy quickly

Ping an e-Life Insurance 2020

give parents a guarantee,

give yourself a peace of mind!

taking care of yourself is also a kind of filial piety

of course, this insurance is not only suitable for parents, but also applicable to us young people.

when you care about your parents, remember to love yourself a little more. after all, only by taking good care of yourself can your parents feel at home.

just as it happens, there is now a double 11 special offer--

"the whole family buys together, the guarantee is more favorable"


after successful insurance, you will not only have a chance to get

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receive a free insurance allowance of up to 10,000 yuan for 99 major diseases.

there are many benefits and limited opportunities, so hurry up and take action.


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