What kind of woman is the most powerful? If you marry it, you earn it!
What kind of woman is the most powerful? If you marry it, you earn it!
The height of the wife often determines the height of the husband.


will spend money

there is an interesting formula on the Internet:

Women = eat + sleep + spend money.

Pig = eat + sleep.

substitute: woman = pig + spend money

that is: woman-spend money = pig.

conclusion: women who don't spend money are pigs.

many people will laugh when they see it, saying that this is the truth.

it is true to be diligent and frugal, but I have to say that spending money is the most important ability a woman should have.

once read a survey that there were two families with similar income.

A family, the couple have been married for many years and have no savings. They often quarrel because of financial problems, and the two are in conflict.

when it comes to spending money, the wife of family A has a habit that she is never willing to buy expensive things. Often try to be cheap for a while, buy some things that are discounted and not needed, and find that you spend a lot of money over a long time, but you get a room full of waste.

husbands often blame their wives for this.

B family, husband and wife love, family harmony. The wife always keeps bright, exquisite makeup, decent clothes, and constant flowers at home.

not only that, the couple's savings have also increased in recent years, and the couple are planning to buy another apartment.

many people wonder why the wife of family B is so fond of spending money that she is better off.

in fact, the wife of family B just grasps the true meaning of life and spends money!

spend your money on useful places, and buy things that suit you best.

have a classification of your expenses, and have a plan every month, how much you should spend and how much you should save.

will also set aside some extra expenses to make Valentine's Day, birthdays and anniversaries more meaningful and make life more ceremonial.

Jack Ma once said: "there are no women who lose their families, only those who love their families."

A woman who spends money knows how to please herself, reward a beautiful dress appropriately, learn new skills in flower arrangement or tea making, and always keep herself young.

A woman who can spend money knows how to invest in her children, cultivate a love of reading, and take her children to see the world. All the painstaking efforts made now will pave the way for their children's future.

A woman who can spend money knows how to inject sentiment into her family, such as a bouquet of spring flowers, or a delicate petty bourgeoisie stereo, a comfortable and tidy environment that is the love of life.

spending money is an art, and a woman who can spend money is the blessing of a family.



Dong Qing once said:

"the beauty of a woman's appearance is short-lived, and only by decorating herself with knowledge and self-cultivation can she be beautiful all her life. I always believe that the books I have read and the roads I have traveled will play a role in the future and make me better. "

for a woman, the external beauty is pleasing to the eye, but the inner beauty is the key to your life.

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the knowledge you accumulate in time that no one else can see, the experience you accumulate, and the experience covered by experience will make a woman look her best.

Zhuge Liang is a famous military strategist in history.

but as the old saying goes: behind a good man there is a woman who gives silently.

behind Zhuge Liang, there is such a woman, his wife Huang Ah Chou.

Huang Ah Chou is the daughter of Zhuge Liang's good friend Huang Chengyan. She is not beautiful, but she is smart and has her own opinions on everything.

when Liu Bei looked at the cottage three times, Zhuge Liang had abnormal inner contradictions, so he came to talk to his friends:

"I have lived in seclusion and lead a life of peace with the rest of the world, but Liu Bei's three visits are extremely sincere, which is really difficult to evade. Now that the situation is turbulent and tortuous, what should I do if I promise to go out of the mountain, life and death are uncertain?"

as soon as Zhuge Liang spoke, Huang Ah Chou said bluntly, "Don't worry, sir. You are knowledgeable and knowledgeable. If you don't come out of the mountain for the rest of your life, what's the use of these talents?" Moreover, this is the time for troubled times, and the big man should be careful to set the world and give priority to meritorious deeds! "

Zhuge Liang praised him again and again for his insight, and he was also attracted by Zhuge Liang's personable talent.

after they got married, it was precisely because of Huang Ah-chou's assistance and support that Zhuge Liang had no worries and created great achievements of "six trips to Qishan, to pacify Nanman, to help Liu Bei pacify the world, and to preside over internal affairs."

it is said that women are the most important feng shui of a family, hiding the blessings of a family.

the height of the wife often determines the height of the husband.

short-sighted women cannot see the outside world clearly, have a narrow vision, do not know how to size up the situation, and will only see the immediate interests.

most far-sighted women are broad-minded, never rely on others, have their own opinions and exude unique charm.

when women have higher horizons and know the general picture, advance and retreat, men's careers will naturally go smoothly, and their families will become more and more prosperous.

know that knowledge is far more reliable than beauty.

A good life and a happy life must belong to a woman who reads more, has self-cultivation and has foresight in everything.


filial piety to parents

once heard a story about a family of four, a man, a woman, a child, and an old man.

at first, their family conditions were good, men's.The job is stable, the life should be smooth, and the family and people are happy.

Women are also extremely bored for this, do not like anything, and often get angry with the elderly at home, both in terms of words and attitude are full of impatience.

because of physical discomfort, the old people in the family have weak legs and feet, and their hands often tremble.

one day, the old man accidentally broke a bowl while eating, and the soup in the bowl spilled all over the table. When the woman saw it, she shouted, "what's the matter with you? you can't help me even if you can't help me at ordinary times. Why are you so useless?"

after saying this, the woman snatched the old man's bowl and chopsticks, threw it in the corner, and said, "you will eat here from now on!"

then the old man broke another bowl, and the woman and the man decided to make a wooden bowl.

during the process of making the bowl, the son witnessed and kept picking up waste sawdust.

the woman was puzzled and asked her son, "what are you doing with these sawdust?" It's filthy! "

the son said coldly, "I'll put away these sawdust and save them. When you are old, I will bring them to make bowls for you."

the woman was so frightened at that time that she imagined that she would be treated in the same way by her son in her old age, as if she had been poured with cold water.

everything has cause and effect, and life is a cycle of reincarnation. Your harm to your parents will sooner or later be copied to you intact.

when a child feels your love, he will treat you with love.

Children are like a blank sheet of paper. If you want a happy life full of children and grandchildren, you must color it with love.

looking back on this life, some people go well with the wind and water and have no worries in their life, while others have a rough life and are not going well in every way, mostly because of unfilial piety.

if a filial woman understands the difficulty of the elderly, understands the importance of her family, and tries her best to assist and guide her husband, her children will certainly be filial and considerate, and the family will be happier.

A woman who is not filial will only bore her children, her husband will not go well, and the family will not be at peace.

as the old saying goes, parents are our first Fukuda.

filial piety to parents is to accumulate good deeds. May everyone manage this blessing well and be followed by it.