What should come, it's all on the way!
What should come, it's all on the way!
Forgive yourself, forgive yourself, and love yourself for the rest of your life.






gain and loss, fate

Mr. Qi Baishi has this motto:

A smile of reputation, a smile of scolding.

what do people live for in this life? Is it for fame and profit? A hundred years later, everything is empty!

the reason why we are too tired in this life is not that we don't have enough, but that we want too much.

care about other people's attitude, be nervous about other people's comments, and envy other people's lives.

many people have a good mindset only after they reach middle age.

because he is much more angry, he is not easily angry for others;

because I am so tired, I will stop thinking.

what should come, it's all on the way

in fact, the gains and losses of a person's life have already been doomed.

it's yours, you don't have to force it, it's not, it's futile.

what should come will come sooner or later, and you can't keep what you should go.

what kind of disappointment and pain do people have to experience in this life before they can learn to let go?

We have been fighting for the first half of our lives.

fight for power, fame and money!

on the contrary, when we calm down our mindset, not for the purpose of striving,

We only aim to achieve ourselves, but we get more.

in fact, feelings are the same, when we love someone too much, always want to give, always want to be nice to him, maybe he is reluctant to leave.

but even though we give everything, we find that when he says goodbye, he doesn't care about the past.

Life is like this, many times, inadvertently insert willow into shade, willing to plant flowers do not bloom.

there is always reincarnation of cause and effect, and mentality is everything.

when we calm down and pursue our dreams,

to broaden your horizons and achieve a better self.

you will find that you will get more and more.

forgive and love yourself for the rest of my life

what is the best way to live?

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Zhihu saw a sentence and thought it was true:

the best way to live is to be hard-working, enthusiastic, kind-hearted, fighting for and open-minded!

be the person you like, don't ask about the past, don't ask about the future!

Yes, we can't predict what will happen tomorrow, nor can we change what other people think of us. We can't be perfect and everyone likes it.

however, we can be ourselves and live as we like.

if you don't like to see yourself depressed, make yourself smile more;

if you don't like to see yourself unhappy, let yourself be open-minded;

if you don't like to see yourself being humble and ingratiating, then keep yourself away from being disliked.

Life, first manage your own heart before you can manage your own world!

in fact, every one of us has troubles, the rich have the pressure of the rich, and the poor have the anxiety of the poor.

sweetness has sweet weight-bearing, but it has its own freedom.

Don't feel that you can't live without.

in this world, no matter who leaves the earth, the earth will still turn around, and so will others leave us.

learn to be bearish!

there is no need to be complacent when you get; there is no need to be nervous about losing.

No matter how difficult the road is, believe in yourself and grit your teeth.

No matter what happens tomorrow, encourage yourself to face it calmly.

there is a poem in Wang Wei's "Farewell to the South":

"walk to the point where the water is poor, and sometimes sit and watch the rising clouds change."


what if we are in a state of exhaustion? As a matter of fact, that's all.

there is no difficulty in life, only a heart that is difficult to relax.

forgive yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself for the rest of your life.

make your life more and more fulfilling and magnificent!


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