"what's wrong with you?" "I'm out of my mind." They were joking, but I wanted to cry.
"what's wrong with you?" "I'm out of my mind." They were joking, but I wanted to cry.
Everyone who lives an active life should get a little red flower.

before you know it, 2020 is coming to an end.

looking back on this year, if we have to use one word to describe it, it is probably bitter.

epidemic situation, flood, fire, unemployment. Under the surging tide of the times, everyone lives trembling.

by the end of the year, some people, full of past regrets, have lost the motivation to move forward in their tired lives.

some people, surrounded by all kinds of grief, sigh and sigh all day.

however, there are still some people who live a different life.

although the world may be full of embarrassment for them, they are willing to send a "little red flower" to themselves and to the people around them, simply and comforting others as much as they can.

actually, this is also a movie

"send you a little red flower"


my world, collapse silent

for many people, youth is always the best and most flamboyant.

however, the two protagonists in the story quietly experience collapse.

Wei Yihang (Yi Yi Qianxi), who is in a good time, suddenly suffered misfortune.

in the day-to-day anti-cancer treatment, he was tainted with hostility and became negative and irritable.

he evaded his mother's nagging impatiently--

"how many minutes and a half do I have for you as a cancer patient?"

also jokingly talk to elders--

"what's wrong with you?"

"I'm out of my mind."

even if his parents were desperate to save his life, they only put a heavy pressure on him.

all I can think about is one word-"death".

is life hard?


but what is even more brutal is that such stories are not uncommon.

Ma Xiaoyuan (Liu Haocun), his age, was also diagnosed with cancer.

she didn't wring like that on the first voyage. she looked lively and cheerful on the outside, but she was smiling one second, fainted at the station the next, and was taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

when other contemporaries are worried about puberty, they have to save up their strength to snatch life from death.

the pain of the sick body and the guilt of dragging down the family are like two immovable mountains firmly pressed on them.

can not escape, can not let go.

to be honest, just after watching the trailer, my uncle can't help feeling sorry.

it seems that in life, the smooth road is very rare, bumpy is the norm.

I remember knowing such a family when I was a volunteer.

A boy, 14 years old, was suddenly diagnosed with bone cancer.

he can't feel his lower limbs, and sometimes he has to rely on his parents to help him turn over.

for this ordinary family, the cost of treatment is almost astronomical. The parents really had no way to borrow all their relatives and friends before they managed to scrape together enough money for the first operation.

when he talked deeply with the boy, he showed that he was far more mature than his peers.

he said,

his wish is very simple, that is, his illness will get better as soon as possible, and the family can be together well.

but unfortunately, he may have to do his best to realize this wish.

Wei Yihang and Ma Xiaoyuan in the movie also yearn for a parallel world.

there is no illness or sadness, only myself, who has never been ill, goes to school, graduates, and works normally.

however, it is because of a sudden disaster that such a simple idea has become an extravagant hope.

after reading their stories, uncle can't help feeling sad:

sometimes the world is very cruel.

the ordinary which is within our reach may be the dream of others.

the rest of my life is hard, but you are sweet

but you must not think that life is nothing but bitterness.

in fact, as the film title says,

when you think you can't stand it, maybe you only need a simple little red flower to embrace the sweetness of life.

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remember the video that went viral on the Internet some time ago?

there is a young girl in Daxing, Beijing, who has been working overtime for half a month.

on my birthday, I was going to get off work early, but I finally got on the bus and was called back halfway.

the girl immediately broke down and wailed on the ride-hailing car:

"Unicom and the bank sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday, and no one else said happy birthday."

the strange driver comforted clumsily: "I wish you a happy birthday, all right girl." In a word, it warms the cold heart in an instant.

you see, when you can't make it, there is always someone who loves you, even if it is a distant love.

the goodwill between people is the most healing thing. Strangers can do this, especially between relatives.

I have seen a documentary before.

there is a pair of blind people singing on the street.Husband and wife, they haven't seen each other's faces in half their lives.

however, even if life is so difficult, they still cook a side dish and buy a few bottles of wine when they are free. Even if the cups don't touch each other, they will laugh.

there are many hard days in life that you can't carry through by yourself.

but with the power to support each other, it doesn't matter how much darkness lies ahead.

there are also such touching feelings in "giving you a Little Red Flower".

Wei Yihang and Ma Xiaoyuan in the movie are suffering from cancer repeatedly.

what about their parents? Not only to see children suffer inhuman pain, but also to run around to raise high medical expenses. Uncle believes that they are even willing to replace them with their bodies if they can.

there is a piercing line: "it is difficult for you to get sick, and it is more difficult for the people around you."

but even though it has been so hard, they have not thought of giving up for a moment.

when Yihang was rebellious and grumpy, it was his father who woke him up and told him that he had to do what he was supposed to do at this age and go out to see more.

when Xiaoyuan is sad and depressed, her father is also her strongest backing, so that she can always maintain a happy attitude.

in fact, life is not as good as you think, but it is not as bad as you think.

even if there are always all kinds of tastes for you to bear, when you are about to be cornered, there will always be someone to accompany you.

they will heal your loss, accompany your loneliness, and support you through many hurdles in life.

if you can, cherish

when I was a child, only a little red flower could make a crying child laugh through tears.

when we grow up, the world of adults becomes much more complicated. Maybe we need such a little red flower to accompany us through the difficult times in our lives.

this little red flower may be the support and companionship between relatives and friends, or the tenderness and kindness given by strangers.

cherish every little safflower you receive and pass on this beautiful power to all the people around you.

so that no matter what happens, you can laugh into a flower.

& lt;

after watching the trailer of "send you a Little Red Flower", Uncle can be said to be crying and laughing.

in fact, this is not the first time director Han Yan has shot a work with a similar theme.

in 2015, he filmed the first film of the Life Trilogy, "get out!" based on Xiong Dun, a comic book girl. Mr. tumor.

the reason why the trilogy of Life is restarted five years later is, in the words of the director,

"if you make another film of the same theme in" Mr. tumor ", you need to accumulate emotion to a certain extent, and your understanding of the world needs to be shot again."

extraordinary 2020, we saw all kinds of life, but also felt the warmth of human feelings.

after witnessing countless joys and sorrows,

"send you a little red flower"

arises at the historic moment.

but it's different from the previous "get out!" "Mr. tumor", this time the theme is bigger and the content is richer.

Mr. tumor shows how a normal person can face it bravely and optimistically in the face of a sudden cancer.

Little Safflower starts with two cancer patients who aspire to be normal, telling everyone to learn to cherish things that seem ordinary with a warm but not sentimental attitude.

Uncle likes one of Yue Yunpeng's lines in the movie:

"people, whether they are sick or not, have courage and do not have the courage to live."

indeed, there is only one life, and if you miss it, you can't start all over again.

so, no matter what situation you are facing, be sure to live with energy so that you are not ashamed of what you have.

just like Wei Yihang and Ma Xiaoyuan in the movie send you a Little Red Flower, as cancer patients whose lives are countdown at any time, they cherish the health and companionship we take for granted, as well as the pain we hate.

as ordinary people, we might as well cherish the people and things around us in the limited time of our lives.

give a hug to your parents, a kiss to your lover, and warmth and kindness to strangers.

you will find that there are many good things in life.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

"I can't choose how to live or how to die, but I can decide how to love and how to live."

the bumpy 2020 is coming to an end. I hope you can pick up the love in your heart and move on.

if you also like this story with both jokes and tears, go to the cinema with your uncle.