When a person completely let go of you, he will do this to you.
When a person completely let go of you, he will do this to you.
Really put down, never a big fight, but quietly.


when I heard a sentence that day, I felt deeply:

A lot of people in life can't let go, but in fact, they all drop all of a sudden, without the guidance of a good person, that is, on a very ordinary day, either sunny or rainy, staring at the hurried crowd in front of them with a sigh.

that's right.

to really put it down is never a big fight, but quietly.

do not delete or block

you love someone and lose someone.

the whole world thinks you will cry like a child who has lost his beloved toy.

only you know:

those difficult feelings have been digested in many dark nights.

those passionate thoughts have been cut off in many disappointments.

when I had enough disappointment, I left.

even if adults break up, they don't want to make it ugly.

Why make a fuss about the affairs of two people and let the whole world watch?

think of my cousin, the most beloved little girl in our whole family.

when I was young, I grew up in a honeypot. My father hurt, my mother loved, and I got the most attention and attention.

do everything unscrupulously, fall in love also talk about the wind and fire, vigorous, with the strength to love, desperately pay …...

in the end, the boy got two feet in the same boat


We adults all think that the little girl is used to arrogance, and that she is the child's nature and hot temper, which must be unbearable this time, and will be turned upside down even if she doesn't want to die or live.

but who knows, the little girl didn't cry or make a scene.

quit his job;

moved out of his home; a man quietly returned to Changsha from Beijing.

I feel distressed and inconceivable. I didn't expect a person to be so rational when betrayed.

ask the little girl, "Don't you hate it at all?"

the answer is: "disappointed to the extreme, not even hate, but no longer look forward to this person."


as the saying goes, "

the opposite of love is never hate, but indifference.


since you wrote the ending by hand, we should all try to accept it.

in different worlds, each is well;

in a long time, forget each other.

maybe I will still smile at you, but there is no expectation, only magnanimity.

do not delete, do not block, does not mean that you are still sentimentally attached, but you are in or not, can not shake my good or bad.

No expectation, no thought

won't cry for you anymore.

won't be nice to you anymore.

won't do anything and wonder if you'll be sad.

won't go everywhere wondering if you'll be alone.

all about you, I really don't want to hear it again and again, and struggle over and over again.

as the saying goes:

you always think I left because of impulse, but only I know that it was premeditated for a long time.

has experienced too many sadness, disappointment, and helplessness, just like the cracks gradually widened by erosion under the dyke. But what you can't see, what you see, is the moment it collapses.

and it was that moment that doomed our ending.

No matter how beautiful the past is, it is the past.

No matter how many memories are memories.

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I would have been better off without you, at least better than I am now.

thinking of the high-scoring TV series "Hong Kong Love Story" on Douban, it really attracted a lot of people's attention.

have been together for nearly 30 years, and when the children are about to get married, the wife suddenly asks for a divorce.


because I'm fed up with my husband

I've had enough of his yelling for thirty years, and I've never had a pleasant moment.

he has had enough of his defiance for thirty years and has never had time to review himself.

in this family, he has always been a shopkeeper, reaching for a meal and enjoying it more than anyone else.

so much so that in this situation, no matter how much the children mediate, persuade, and beg, the wife can no longer persuade herself to endure it any longer.

I can understand this feeling, and there is no greater sorrow than death.

because there is no expectation for this person, there will be no more ideas about what the future will look like.

as the saying goes:

whether you change or not, I will not give you another chance.

whether you regret it or not, I will no longer participate in the second half of your life.

whether you have a good or bad future, I will no longer allow myself to fly to the fire like I used to.

No more resentment, no need to mention

it is hardly unwilling, for it has been decided to write off the past.

there is not much resentment, because I have decided to try to let go of the past.

those warm days and nights, those profound bitterness and sweetness, have really happened, but now they are really let go.

as the saying goes, "

maybe the cloudThe breeze is light, is the revenge on you.


the affection and ruthlessness of life are conserved in nature.

how unrepentant you were in the past, how sober you were when you put it down.

do you still remember the Zhu Lock in the Golden years?

was enthusiastically pursued by Xie Hongzu.

was moved by him step by step and bought off by him little by little, until he finally decided to marry him.

people around me are not optimistic about this relationship, but Zhu Lock is duty-bound.

fell in love with and married with vigor.

what's the result?

he was snubbed and humiliated repeatedly.

when he gave birth to a child and was in great pain in the delivery room, he, as a father, was nowhere to be seen.

give up the happy life that was already readily available for him. When he went bankrupt, he sold his house to pay his debts, which was so benevolent and righteous, but in exchange for his deceit, flinching and disappointment.

it was not until after all this that Lock finally decided to leave him.

and I think this is the best way to say goodbye to a person.

No more tears for him, no more softness for him, even if he tries desperately to stay, he can be unmoved.

stop yelling at him or complaining to him, even if he really repents, he will never turn back.

as the saying goes, "

between us, let it go.


there are some things that are wrong, and it is useless to say more.

nothing can whitewash peace, and nothing can bring everything back to square one.

I gave up on you, I took the initiative to end this relationship, so, from now on--

you are very lively, or are you alone;

are you laughing or sad;

your years are still good, or bumpy,

has nothing to do with me anymore.

I wish you happiness for the rest of your life, but I will not participate in you for the rest of your life.

to really let go of a person is not to think or not to contact

there is a saying like this:

to really let go of a person is not to think and not to contact.

just like Zhu Lock in the Golden years to Xie Hongzu, even if he is hurt again and again, there will be no resentment and unwillingness.

just like Luo Zijun in the first half of my Life to Chen Junsheng, even if he sees him with other women, he will no longer have too many emotional ups and downs and hard to swallow grievances.

just like Zheng Wei of "to our lost Youth" to Lin Xiaozheng, even if she knew that he would go far away, she would no longer inquire about him, would no longer pay attention to his whereabouts, and would no longer pay attention to his every move.

as the saying goes, without love, there is no hate. See through a person, then also despise a person, thus can finally let go of a person.

, fall in love and say goodbye to each other. May you each have your own lives and joys for the rest of your lives!