When a woman becomes a mother, what she fears most is not unemployment or cheating, but...
When a woman becomes a mother, what she fears most is not unemployment or cheating, but...
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the latest season of Strange Story is on the air again.

Uncle, as a loyal fan of the program, naturally didn't miss a single episode.

"should I tell the children if there is no money at home" and "should my wife earn one million yuan a year to be a stay-at-home father".... One debate topic after another is heart-piercing and approachable, and the discussion of people to middle age is even more insistent.

among them, what I appreciate most is a discussion about adult collapse.

some people say hide, others say not.

however, Bao Ma Fu Seoul's speech lit up my eyes.

she said:

"it is countless adults who hide and collapse so that our children can cry whenever they want."

she even cited an example, in front of her son, not to mention encounter a mouse, even if a tiger, she will not hesitate to stand in front of the child.

just a few words, but touched the scene countless audience, some even tears in the eyes, also let the uncle can not help feeling.

think about it carefully, what will women collapse because of when they become a mother, and what are they afraid of?

afraid of having no money and no job? Worried about her husband having an affair and the family breaking up?

No, there are too many mothers around us and on the news who are trying to bring up their children alone. Their faces are covered with the vicissitudes of life, but they have resolute and bright eyes and look directly at the life ahead.

when women become mothers, what they fear most is not unemployment or marital change, but that their children get sick and their parents get sick. As long as they are healthy and healthy, they can endure no matter how tired and collapsing their lives are.

even if the heart is full of scars and tears, but because of too many responsibilities, dare not collapse, there is no time to collapse.

so, in the final analysis, middle-aged people are not free to collapse.


bravery of the middle-aged

recently I saw a video of a monologue shot by a middle-aged man on the Internet.

that's a dilemma that every middle-aged person may face--

on the one hand, the son has just finished the operation and has not yet recovered; on the other hand, the mother-in-law suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. In just a few days, the house was in a mess.

his wife takes care of his young daughter at home, and as a pillar, he travels alone between the two hospitals.

he is as busy as a top. Only on an unattended night, with dark circles under the eyes and tiredness that can be seen clearly even at night, speak to the camera:

"Middle-aged people are very difficult, but as long as they are well, no matter how difficult they are, I can handle it!"

although he looks tired, his eyes are full of hope and strength.

it is not that middle-aged people do not have moments of despair and collapse, but they choose to gnash their teeth and blood, and they also have to swallow themselves and hide from their families.

even if you can't hide it, it's just a short howl in the middle of the night.

dry your tears, shut up, and the next second they are more invincible than before.

I can't help thinking of my friend Arvin. She said that it was only when she became a mother that she, who had always kept her fingers clean, realized the meaning of being a mother.

two years ago, she became a mother for the first time and had no experience of taking care of the baby at all.

one night, her husband was away on a business trip. She was awakened by a sound of crying in her deep sleep. When she got up, the baby's little face turned red, but she checked it over and over again, but failed to find out the reason.

A Wen broke out in a sweat. Listening to the baby's uncomfortable howling, he couldn't help crying together.

how can mothers just cry?

alone, she hastily wiped away her tears and rushed to the hospital with a child weighing more than ten jin in her arms.

with the temperature of more than ten degrees below zero in Beijing in winter, she was frozen to death, but she wrapped the child firmly in her arms and was not blown up by the cold wind.

I believe that parents have had such a collapse: children have weak resistance, easily get sick, stomachache, high fever, rash …... But I am not a doctor, and I don't know why or how to deal with it.

after the false alarm, Ah Wen looked at the child and inevitably got a little scared.

in order to prevent similar situations from happening again, she, who has never been fond of reading, bought a pile of parenting books and paid special attention to several pediatricians, carefully flipping through their popular science videos frame by frame.

not only look at it, but also take notes and write a whole notebook, all of which are all kinds of parenting knowledge. Now he is already a pediatrician.

she said that she hopes to use her fragile body to block out all the wind and rain for her children.

you see, the courage of the middle-aged is forced out, and it becomes more and more brave after the collapse.


Middle-aged pussy

Middle-aged people are brave, but sometimes they are very pussy.

there is such a mother in the documentary the first time in Life.

she is very strict with her daughter's education, supervising her children's piano practice and homework every day, so meticulous that her daughter often complains to the camera, "I'm going to be killed by my mother."

but she didn't care about it.

as long as it is helpful to the child's future, it doesn't matter if the daughter hates herself.

one day, she suddenly had a headache. When she went to the hospital for examination, she may have a tumor in her brain. Unexpectedly, she became a pussy who was always strong and fearless at this time.

with tears in his eyes, "I'm leaving, son."What shall I do? What about home? "

although he is still smiling, anyone can see that it is a forced smile in front of the camera.

in fact, what she is afraid of is not how the illness afflicts herself, but that her children have no one to rely on.

before becoming a parent, anyone was not fearless, and even staying up late for a night felt that it was called burning youth.

but because of love, we have become the most "afraid of death" people in the world.

I saw an interview with Andy Lau before.

program, he calmly revealed that he fell off his horse when he talked to the host about shooting an advertisement. Since then, he has had a shadow in his mind and is afraid of everything he does.

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the host asked, "what are you afraid of?"

Andy Lau said without hesitation: "Home."

you know, when he was young, Andy Lau was famous for his "desperate Saburo". In order to play, drive a fast car, jump over tall buildings, get sick and get hurt, and don't even blink an eye.

but even so, a tough guy has become a pussy.


when you reach middle age, you don't have to fight hard

the greatest feature of contemporary middle-aged people is probably cowardice and courage.

when he is in his twenties, there are parents to support and children to educate, his body begins to decline slowly, and his career is facing the impact of young people.

they are alone, but when they wake up every morning, they are surrounded by people who need to rely on themselves.

in order to support this family, I dare not get sick or die!

tired, collapsed, can only hide in the car to smoke a cigarette, hide in the toilet to cry twice, adjusted to continue to laugh.

he is weak because of his family; if he is brave, he is because of his family.

Uncle Dan wants to say to all middle-aged people who have too much burden today:

to prop up this family, we need not only the "courage" to crush and defeat, but also a little bit of wisdom.

in many cases, planning in advance is more important than resistance.

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