When do people understand best? (classic good article)
When do people understand best? (classic good article)
Without a matter, without wisdom, and with strict self-discipline, you can live more and more clearly!




people, when we exhort others, we are always sensible, and we always have all kinds of troubles.

less than a certain age, can not understand the hard work of a certain age, do not experience some things, can not understand the feelings after experience.

you say to your child: if you don't work hard when you are young, you can only be sad when you are old. He just listens to a word, you talk to an adult, but he can deeply feel the pain in it.

when you fall in love, everyone believes it for the rest of your life. When I was about to break up, I realized that the so-called vows of love and love were all lies.

Man, if you don't go through one thing, you won't be wise.

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when do we know best?

people know best when they are short of money

if you lack money, you will know what trust is, and you will know what friends are.

some people usually call you brothers, and when you run out of money, they will let you know that those fair-weather friends are just having fun.

some people never say they care about you, but when you need it, they come to help you in the first place.

what you have in mind is never in the same mouth, but to see if you still have a heart when you are really killed.

people know best when they are down

the scenery in front of people is the past, and the flattery of others is all appearances.

you can't believe all the words in other people's mouths, but the challenges full of reality test people the most.

people, only when they are down-to-earth do they realize the importance of keeping their feet on the ground and the value of friends in need.

some people are nice to you, not because you have to, nor because they can't live without you, but because they really think about you and make friends with you.

Life is the most expensive, not money, not fame, but you are really down and out, have a warm heart, as always good to you!

people know best when they break up

Don't tell someone who doesn't care about you how much you've given.

Don't tell a person who is leaving you how much you have suffered for him.

not everyone in this world is grateful.

I have you in my heart, I am willing to help you and take the initiative to pay for you; without you in my heart, no matter how much grievance you have, it has nothing to do with him.

between two people, affection, do not need you to please, ruthless, you please is to bring shame on yourself.

Love others seven points, love yourself three points, if others do not care about you, then please love yourself very much!

people know best when they lose

when you have it, you don't take it seriously; when you lose it, it hurts.

especially feelings, when a person's heart is broken, whatever you say and do, you can't get back to what you used to be.

it is hard to warm up when the heart is cold, but it only hurts when the heart is hurt.

how many regrets are there because you don't know how to cherish it? How many mistakes do you miss because you can't tolerate it?

people, when you have it, you should learn to be kind. Brick by tile is bright enough, and one thing is long enough!

people know best when they are sick

when I am sick, I have a headache and a fever, complaining about why I don't wear more.

wait until the body is sub-healthy and has a lot of ailments, then wonder why you don't eat regularly and exercise frequently!

cars are easily discarded if they are not maintained. In fact, the body is the same, do not always consume it without control, how much you cherish your body, the body will give you health back to you!

people, when you are young, you must not exchange health for money, because when you are old, no amount of money can be exchanged for health!

in this life, it is rare to understand that it is difficult to achieve self-discipline and know when and what to do.

it is rare to be confused in this life, and it is difficult to restrain yourself from worrying about trifles and not decadent in getting and losing.

sometimes, take a closer look at people who are older than you, the paths they have traveled, the things they have done, and the efforts and self-discipline of people who are better than you.

learn from others' strengths and discipline yourself. Only in this way can you live more and more clearly.