When he married him at the age of 14, gave birth to 12 children and stayed together for 76 years, the story of this old Korean couple became popular.
When he married him at the age of 14, gave birth to 12 children and stayed together for 76 years, the story of this old Korean couple became popular.
May all lovers in the world grow old together!

some time ago, I watched a documentary about two old people

is that Grandpa is 95 and Grandma is 89. They have gone through 76 years together.

the whole film looks dull, but after watching it, I suddenly understand what it means to help each other.

this film is also listed as one of the must-see films for couples.

Grandma met her grandfather when she was 14 years old. when she was still very shy, she was coy and hiding.

Grandpa was an employee at that time, and his mother died at the age of 9, so he suffered a lot from childhood and had to work hard to support himself.

the families of the two are different, but grandma doesn't dislike grandpa, grandpa is nice, he is always warm and smiling when he sees people.

when it was snowing heavily, Grandpa married Grandma and came to their house.

Grandma smiles every time she recalls their youth. She says:

"he hasn't made me angry since he got married, for fear of hurting me, he just wants to hold me tight. I think he's really grateful. He likes to touch my ears, so he's become a habit now."

they never quarreled. Grandpa bought what Grandma wanted, satisfied her with everything and spoiled her for more than 70 years.

when she had just finished her words, she turned around and found that Grandpa was gone. He had already gone out to buy persimmons.

when my daughter mentioned it at the dinner table, her eyes were filled with envy: what man would do that now, right?

Grandparents gave birth to 12 children, six of them were "lost", a 3-year-old child got lost, and some children died of urticaria.

when the children grew up, their grandparents decided to live together. They moved to a small village with a small courtyard at the door, where their daily life was slow.

Autumn is coming, and the ground in the yard is covered with golden leaves, and they sweep the leaves leisurely together.

after sweeping into a pile, Grandpa suddenly squatted down to pick up the fallen leaves and mischievously sprinkled them on Grandma's head, and Grandma also scattered them back, and the old couple frolicked with childishness, just like before.

when it snows in winter, the yard is covered with a thick layer of snow. Grandma picked up some with both hands and said to Grandpa:

"I heard that eating the first snow is good for your hearing. If you eat a little, your ears will be better."

Grandpa bowed his head and took a bite and said it tasted good. Try it, too.

when they are old, their hearing is not what they used to be, and they have to talk close to their ears in order to hear clearly, but they are very patient every time.

Grandma sometimes wants to hear Grandpa sing, so Grandpa sings with a smile and dances after being praised by Grandma.

when I was tired of singing, I sat under the tree to have a rest and looked at the yellow bird on the tree. Grandma said, "if I want to be a yellow bird in the reincarnation, I will chirp on the high mountain."

Grandma asked Grandpa: "


Grandpa said, "



Grandma asked again, "

what is

Bird eater?


Grandpa said, "


Edible birds.


Grandma said helplessly: "


, you know how to eat.


when they were tired of playing outside, they walked slowly home hand in hand, cooking and cooking together. Grandma knew that Grandpa liked to eat snacks and would prepare a few dishes every time.

she will also carefully pick up food and feed it to her grandfather and ask him if it is delicious.

Grandpa nodded and said, "delicious."

Grandma smiled and said, "you've never said anything bad in your life." Every time you eat a little if it's not delicious, and eat a lot if it's delicious. "

later, they picked up a puppy by the side of the road. Grandpa liked it very much and named it "obedient".

when obedience came, they were afraid that he would be lonely, so they found a companion for him, called "Little one", which sounded very cute.

Grandma and grandparents affectionately call them "children" and "daughters". In their spare time, they sit in the yard and tease the puppies and bask in the sun.

here, no one disturbs them, the days go by, and the two are getting older and older.

the two went to the mountain to cut firewood. After walking for a while, Grandpa, carrying firewood on his back, was so tired that he stopped to have a rest.

Grandma said jokingly, "

before your body

is very strong and can recite a lot of things. How do you feel now?


Grandpa said, "

I'm 95 years old, and of course I'm not as fit as I used to be.


Grandma asked: "

then you should

will you live to be 100?


Grandpa said, "




Grandma said, "

who will cook for you then?


Grandpa said, "




Grandma said, "



Don't move. I'm getting old.


in their world, they always see only each other, and even their children are difficult to disturb. They are inseparable every day and live a peaceful and happy life.

when I go to bed at night, Grandpa always waits for Grandma to fall asleep before he begins to lie down.

but I don't know from which day, when I sleep until midnight, Grandpa always coughs and wheezes, and Grandma is woken up. He gets up and pats his back, wipes his body, holds his hand and says painfully, "your arms are much thinner."

after lying down again, Grandpa gently stroked Grandma's face with his hand, thoughtfully, and recently he was wheezing more and more frequently.

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they seldom bring up the topic of parting, but they both know that their days together are becoming more and more precious.

they went to the market hand in hand and did what they had always wanted to do-- bought six sets of children's clothes.

Grandma thought that if anyone went first, she would take these clothes to the "lost" children to wear.

but unexpectedly, the dog "little one" left earlier than they did, and grandma cried for a long time when they went to be buried together.

after the dog left, Grandpa's body became thinner and weaker day by day, and one day, he fell down.

the children came to take him to the hospital, and his grandmother said:

"I went to the big hospital before. I said I was old and it was useless to take any medicine. Let's just spend it safely."

Grandma couldn't stop wiping away her tears. Time is so cruel. Why can't you walk a little slower and let Grandpa grow old more slowly?

my scrawny grandfather lay in bed, often wheezing, and it became difficult to get up, and he couldn't say a word.

the doctor said that there were only three months left at most, and Grandma was lying in bed with him for the last time. She thought, if only she could go with her grandfather and climb over the mountains to the other side of the bridge.

as she packed up her grandfather's clothes, she thought:

"Grandpa went to lead the way first. When he came to lead the way, I grabbed his hand, put on a blue skirt and a yellow coat, and walked hand in hand."

Grandpa left when it was snowing heavily.

Grandma lit a fire in front of his tombstone, burned a lot of clothes, and said:

"this is your summer vest. Wear it well, distinguish these clothes clearly, and take good care of yourself."

you have to stop thinking about me, and I have to stop thinking about you. I'm going home. "

after burning her clothes, Grandma walked trembling alone in the snow. She suddenly stopped walking, sat on the ground and began to cry.

as the old saying goes: what is love when it comes to the world? it directly teaches people the promise of life and death.

what is love? I think the grandparents have given us the best answer.

hold one hand and grow old with one. From the age of 14 to the end of 90, the first half of my life and the rest of my life will be you.

impulsive love is common, but love for a lifetime can never be found. I never envy the couple kissing on the street corner, but envy the old man walking hand in hand in the setting sun.

, may all lovers in the world grow old together!



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