"when I grow up, I only call my parents once a year." when my parents are old, they will be lonely for the rest of their lives.
"when I grow up, I only call my parents once a year." when my parents are old, they will be lonely for the rest of their lives.
Often go home and have a look before your parents get old.

how long has it been since you were with your parents?

not long ago, I watched the fascinating offer, and I was very impressed by the content--

Zhou Shen explodes himself. When he was in college, he used to talk on the phone with his parents only once a year.

Zhou Shen's parents are businessmen who travel around all the year round, and he is so busy studying that he can't spare any time at all.

however, in the past few years, when the parents were old and their health was not as good as before, Zhou Shen gradually realized that he could not go on like this.

after all, people's life is so long that no one knows how long they can stay with their parents.

he decided to take the initiative to call his parents, from once a year to once a month, and then once every two or three days.

We are just talking about family members. But Zhou Shen found that even if he only made a phone call for ten seconds a day, parents would be satisfied as long as they could hear their son's voice.

once upon a time, there were only parents in the world of children.

however, I don't know since when, we have more and more people and things in our hearts, busy working, socializing and living.

I was so busy that I was reluctant to leave even a short period of ten seconds to my dear and beloved parents.

how cruel it is. They try their best to teach us to speak, but they can't wait for us to go home and talk to them.

I know a friend Nancy who lives abroad and hasn't been home for almost three years.

she once naively thought that her parents could live happily without her.

moreover, after so many years, it is still new.

only when she jokingly asked did she know that since she went abroad, her father would wear this scarf every year and was reluctant to lose the hole in pilling.

the father always felt that his daughter was still around as long as he wore this scarf.

they think about their daughter who is thousands of miles away every day, but they are afraid that their daughter will worry and never resort to words.

the bitter loneliness is immersed in daily food, clothing, shelter and transportation, and it is endless pain at the slightest mention.

I can't help feeling ashamed:

parents have worked hard to raise their children all their lives, but they did not expect that they would have to endure boundless loneliness in their old age.

it's helpless, but it's common.

how much longer can we stay with our parents?

ask yourself:

when was the last time you called your parents?

when was the last time you had dinner with your parents?

We always think that if we are busy outside, earn more money and buy a bigger house, we can fulfill our filial piety for our parents.

but in fact, it is because of this idea that parents are deprived of their happiness.

I remember a passage that sa Bing once said, which was the thing he regretted most in his life.

"I always thought that making my mother proud of me was the biggest gift to her. But then I found out that my biggest gift had not been given yet-- that is to spend more time with her while she was still by my side. "

it's not that I don't want to be filial.

after settling down in Beijing, sa Beining picked up his parents.

however, due to his busy work, he goes out early and returns late every day. Although he lives under the same roof, sa Bening and his parents seldom see it.

even his parents spend much more time watching him on TV than in real life.

the two old people who left their homes suddenly became very lonely and could hear echoes when they stayed in such a big room all day and spoke louder.

at that time, sa Beining was still young and always thought that the future would be long, and it was not too late for him to fulfill his filial piety after he gained a firm foothold.

did not expect that a difference in thought is the eternal formula. On an ordinary day, my mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

his lack of filial piety has finally become a lifelong regret.

after his mother died, sa opened Wechat to listen to his mother's voice, but found that he sent countless messages to colleagues and friends every day, but had little communication with his mother.

he tried to tell his mother the news of the birth of the twin sons, but the message was sent on the other side of Wechat, but there could never be any reply again.

living in this world, we are always used to waiting until we have time and the opportunity to go home to accompany our parents and do our best to be filial.

but wait and wait until my mother's sideburns are gray, when my father's back is no longer straight, and when he is old and old, he can no longer wait for filial piety.

people really only understand after personal experience that life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.

A lot of things, if you don't do it now, you won't have a chance in the future.

you might as well spend more time with your parents while they are alive, otherwise, you will regret it in the future.

often go home and have a look while your parents are not old.

watched a short film and made a good impression.

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the protagonist of the short film is a female photographer.

like many of us, she is very busy at work, staying in the studio all day and taking family pictures for other families.

however, corresponding to the happiness in front of the camera, she seldom reunites with her family.

because she has been away from home for many years, her work takes up almost all her time.

A trip home, separated by thousands of mountains and rivers, had no choice but to give up. Sometimes, even if her mother called during the work break, she didn't have time to answer patiently.

although the short film is less than 2 minutes long, it expresses the sadness of countless travelers.

aren't we like this?

for the sake of dreams and for the future, parents who are willing to pack their bags and go far away, but stay at home, become the names lying in the address book.

they yearn for family reunion, but they don't want to break their children's wings, so they have to allow themselves to swallow boundless loneliness.

however, think about it. Do you really have the heart to let your parents grow old alone?

the answer must be no.

in fact, parents really don't want much. It's just that you can set aside some time to go home and see them, eat with your father, chat with your mother, and spend ordinary but warm time together.

look, when the girl in the short film comes home with prepared New year goods, the smile on her parents' face can't be hidden at that moment.

as said in the short film:

as we get older, the order of parents in our minds always moves back again and again.

We are afraid of missing the appointment with our friends and delaying the work assigned by our boss, but when our parents talk to us, we often reply coldly "busy".

but please don't forget that the two people who taught us to talk are waiting for us to go home and talk to them.

it's the end of the year and the Spring Festival is coming.

instead of letting parents spend the holiday alone, it is better to pack their bags and go home to have a look, calmly express their love, and heal the cracks in this year.

of course, we, who are used to being introverted, may feel ashamed to speak up.

but don't worry, those words hidden in your heart can be replaced with small gifts.

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whether it is carefully selected New year goods, or daily household appliances, or thoughtful health products, I believe they can convey full love to their parents.

time cannot afford to be wasted and filial piety cannot stand waiting.

in the new year, no matter how busy you are, be sure to make time and spend more time with your parents.

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