When you are more and more silent, thinking that you are getting old, it turns out to be.
When you are more and more silent, thinking that you are getting old, it turns out to be.
Don't waste the good years on people who are not worth it.

do not know since when, do not like to push the cup to change, do not like to play exciting, unexpectedly like, a person quietly reading, a person silently travel.

I don't know since when, those who appear to be friends are too lazy to be perfunctory, and those who think about them will never tire of accompanying them.

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over the years, the circle has become narrower and narrower, the friends have become fewer and fewer, and life has become quieter and quieter, but strangely, the mood is getting better and better.

I thought I was old when I didn't like exciting things, but later I gradually realized that I had seen through and changed.

when you reach a certain age

then learn to lighten the burden for yourself

I know thousands of people, but only two or three stay in my heart.

some people know that they are hypocritical in their dealings with you, but on the surface of pleasantries, they should reduce their contacts.

there are some things that will hurt you if you know you care about them. If you take it seriously, you will make yourself unhappy. Just let it go and look down on it.

on our way forward, we must learn to lighten our burden, reduce unnecessary contacts, reduce trivial matters, and clear our hearts a little bit, so that we can find out how quiet the years are.

some friends become more and more empty as they get along, so why do they associate with each other? Some feelings, always give you grievances, why continue?

stop loss in time, good years, don't waste it on people who are not worth it!

instead of making yourself unhappy in the hustle and bustle, it is better to be happy in loneliness!

when you reach a certain age

then you know how to pressurize yourself

if you don't like who you are, redouble your efforts.

if you are not satisfied with the current situation, do your best!

No one can give you the life you want, only you can make yourself perfect.

those so-called successful people do not lead to success in a hustle and bustle. There are no easy achievements, only hard work.

the more mature people are, the more they work silently and never complain in front of others, because they know that how much you endure loneliness, how good your future will be.

most of the hardest roads in life are taken by one person.

choose silence, do not talk about suffering, forge ahead, do not forget the original ideal and ambition, is the most important thing we should do, the burden of the family, carry it bravely, life gives you pressure, you return it miracle!

when you reach a certain age

then begin to please yourself

there is some fate. If you can't keep it, let him go.

some feelings, change of heart, don't prick.

people, sometimes silence is not giving up or cowardice, but learning to protect themselves.

Don't waste emotion by arguing for people who aren't worth it; don't waste time by working hard for things that aren't worth it! Really so expensive, no one is worth your humble.

learn to please yourself, what you want to do, work hard to do it, can not do it, do not regret; those who really accompany, give more, pay happiness is the harvest.

instead of blending into a low-quality circle, choose high-quality solitude. Where you want to go, have a look when you have time. Some people can broaden your mind, and so can the scene.

people, don't always think about who to please to get sense of security. The real sense of security is the most down-to-earth life in which you give and pay for yourself.