When you are sad, don't talk to anyone.
When you are sad, don't talk to anyone.
No matter how hard it is at the moment, move forward bravely, everything has its own best arrangement.

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once upon a time, all sentimentality had to be earth-shaking.

later, no matter how much wind and rain in life, all chose to be silent.

at a certain age, I found out:

in this world, you can't rely on anyone but yourself.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"Don't complain to anyone, because 20% don't care, and the remaining 80% will be happy to hear it."

the joys and sorrows in the world are not the same, others simply can not put themselves in your shoes to understand you.

those bitterness in life can only be hidden in their own hearts.

in the Strange Story, Ma Weiwei recalled the difficult years of her depression and burst into tears.

although Gao Xiaosong was comforting, he said in a tone of disapproval:

"yours is nothing. We are much worse off than you."

you see, there is not so much empathy in this world.

there are countless such moments in one's life--

you can't sleep in the middle of the night, talking to someone alone in exchange for a "go to sleep".

you shed tears for your grief, and you can't help but find someone to confide in, only to receive a "hypocritical".

your heart has already set off a huge wave, but in the eyes of others, everything is light and light, as usual.

maybe when everyone is born, he thinks that the world exists for him alone.

when he found out that he was wrong, he began to grow up.

with the passage of time, you will eventually understand:

99% of what happens to you every day means nothing to others.

when you are sad, don't always think about chatting with others.

others can't solve your difficulties for you.

others can't empathize with your emotions.

the bitterness that can be said is useless, and the tiredness you carry is your own experience.

Ji Xianlin said:

"on the road of life, everyone is a lonely traveler.

there are thousands of things in the world, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, but there is nothing others can do to help. "

if you expect others to give you relief, you might as well learn to save yourself and become strong.

the more you go back in life, you will gradually understand that bitterness is the normal state of life, and sweetness is the spice of life.

you say you are tired, but who is going well?

that person with light clouds and light wind may have a soul with clenched teeth.

the man who walks in the wind may still have the scar of falling on his knee.

the person who laughs heartless may go through a period of unknown sad years....

growing up is a process of muting crying.

those adults who wade through the mud have lived the most powerful appearance as early as in the normal state of being alone.

as Maupassant said:

"sometimes I may be so fragile that I burst into tears with a word, and sometimes I find myself clenching my teeth and walking a long way."

No one will be strong for you if you are not brave.

Life itself, even after a thousand difficulties, there are still all kinds of difficulties.

when you smile less and less, you will have more and more worries.

if you always hold on to sadness so tightly, even if happiness is right in front of you, there is no room to hug.

in a life full of mud and sand, only by saving yourself can we give ourselves a good mood.

and you're going to learn to be a quiet adult.

when you are worried about trifles, don't complain to others, tell yourself that there is no past.

when you encounter setbacks and difficulties, don't cry with others, but tell yourself that the future will be better.

after the injury, heal yourself, and dry your tears after crying.

No matter how bad the situation is, smile, sleep, eat a hot meal, go out and exercise sweaty.

tomorrow is a new day.

people live all their lives and have the ability to embrace themselves so that they can survive the cold winter and embrace the warmth of the world.

Please believe that if you have numerous troubles, it will be sunny if you can bear it.

Please believe that there are many difficulties, and to persevere is to win.

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No matter how you treated us yesterday, live a good life in the present and put aside your bad mood.

in this way, when you look back on the past for the rest of your life, you and I can say:

"years do not forgive people, and I have never spared the years.


like a passage from Yang Jiang very much:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calmness and calmness.

We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others. "

when you really understand life, you learn to be silent and calm in the face of the wind and rain of life.

it's a choice to talk to others.

reconciling with yourself is a kind of spiritual practice.

May you not be trapped by your emotions and be strong.

May you go through a lot of hardships.There will be joy from now on.

No matter how hard it is at the moment, move forward bravely, everything has its own best arrangement.



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