Whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance or not, just have dinner with him.
Whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance or not, just have dinner with him.
Details often hide a person's most authentic upbringing and character.

as the ancients said, "know the leopard at a glance, know autumn with a leaf falling."

details often hide a person's most authentic upbringing and character. And one vegetable, one rice, one chopstick and one spoon are often more revealing his true temperament.

the most common way to judge whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance is to have dinner with him.

in the course of eating, these three points are the most important, so we must pay attention to them!

attitude towards waiters

A few days ago, my friend Qianqian went to see a blind date introduced by relatives under the deadly serial call at home.

the other party is handsome and well-off, but after several meals, Qianqian decisively broke off contact with the boy.

acquainted friends can't help teasing her:

"all the conditions of this boy are good, but you have refused them. Are you looking too high?"

only then did Qianqian open the words that had been kept in her heart for a long time:

"eating with him is the scene of death of a large society.

choose a restaurant, never ask for my advice, and only choose what you like when ordering. We ate hot pot together, and after I made it clear that I would not eat pig's brain, I ordered two dishes and forced me to try it.

what makes me speechless is that he has a particularly bad attitude towards the waiter.

once the waiter accidentally served the wrong dish. He deliberately tasted several chopsticks before communicating with others and insisted that the dish be given to him.

when the waiter disagreed because of the store rules, he directly insulted others for being "stupid" and finally complained about them after the meal. "

this is not only emotional worry, it is simply ugly to eat!

some people say, "the attitude of a man towards a waiter before marriage is that of his wife after marriage." although this is not always the case, one or two can be seen.

finding fault and swearing at the waiter now, there is no guarantee that he will not "dictate" to his partner in the future.

usually because of a little "petty gain" and haggle with strangers, it is inevitable that they will be "full of calculations" when they get along with each other after marriage.

as the saying goes, you can see your character at the dinner table, and you will see your self-cultivation during the dinner. Eating is like an invisible business card, reflecting one's tutoring and the true face of dealing with others.

when you meet those people who are not of good character and eat strange faces, please stay away as soon as possible, otherwise you may be left with a lifetime of regret and remorse.

attitude towards persuading alcohol

in fact, the best reflection of a person's character is not his clothes, appearance, what car he drives, what room he lives in, who he meets, but his state at the wine table.

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appropriate drinking at the party, staggered preparation, pushing the cup to change the room, drinking is a kind of happiness.

but there are always people who rigidly turn the dinner into a drinking contest, not only showing off their drinking capacity, but also always trying to persuade people to drink.

my colleague Xiao Zhang drinks so much that he always likes to persuade everyone to drink at dinner.

when someone rejected him, he shouted, "lose face to the leader, look down on him, get bored with emotion," and so on.

in the end, everyone was dizzy and ugly, but he was the only one who was clear-headed and complacent.

there is no shortage of people like Xiao Zhang who like to beg and fight hard for wine. When you meet this kind of people, you must be mindful and try not to provoke them as much as possible.

because they tend to do things recklessly and have a weak sense of responsibility, they not only ignore their own health, but also care about the safety of others in vain.

and those who advise you to eat more food and drink less are the true friends that can be made and trusted.

although the dining table is only a square inch of space, it can reflect all kinds of sentient beings. Whether a person is worthy of deep acquaintance or not, the wine is often found in the true chapter!

attitude towards food

writer Lin Qingxuan once said:

"people always choose their own preferences, which are often very close to their own character and nature, so a person's personality can be seen from his food."

I think so. A person's attitude towards food can also reflect his appearance towards life from the other side.

actor Huang Lei is a person who is genuinely happy with food. In "the Life of yearning", he always revolves around the stove and the board, cooking for everyone and studying all kinds of dishes.

in the face of the strange food expectations put forward by the new guests, Huang Lei is always "open to anything" and enjoys it.

what leek box stewed spicy hot pot Stewed Liver, Beijing Style, muffin cake hamburger spaghetti, fried Youtiao Glutinous Rice Balls mutton kebabs …...

Huang Lei always tries his best to meet all kinds of "tricky" requirements of the guests, and sometimes creates a little surprise for everyone.

in a program, Huang Lei studied painstakingly again and again in order to make the cold skin she wanted to eat for Bai Lily.

in life, Huang Lei is also very fond of cooking and knows the tastes of his wife and daughter like the back of his hand.

in order to make a meal that suits his wife and daughter's taste, he usually spends a lot of time thinking about it.

because his wife likes spicy food, he collects all kinds of hot sauces and makes all kinds of spicy dishes for his wife.

the ingredients placed in his refrigerator are even more organized and pleasing to the eye, full of the warmth of smoke and fire in the world.

in firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, he hides his patience with life, tenderness and love for his family and friends.

those who know how to live a steaming life are the ones who deserve our deep acquaintance.

because they tend to be optimistic, neither perfunctory nor slow to themselves, get along with such people, you will also become more positive and sunny.

Food blogger Jiang Laodao once said:

"one of the greatest happiness in life is to prepare food that you like each other, to be with people you can talk to, to have a good meal, and to have a good conversation."

since ancient times, eating has been a top priority. A meal makes some people get closer to each other, but it can also make some people hate each other.

so if you want to know whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance, just have dinner with him.

, for the rest of your life, may you eat with the one you like, get acquainted with the sincere one, and may you meet all the people who know etiquette, live, warm and warm in your heart.