Whether a person likes you or not is actually very obvious.
Whether a person likes you or not is actually very obvious.
Feelings are a matter for two people, and no matter how hard one person tries, it won't help.

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if a person doesn't like you, you can't open his closed heart with hot water at 100 degrees Celsius.

but if a person likes you, even if you water his enthusiasm with water of minus 100 degrees Celsius, he can be consistent.

does not like you, he will be kind-hearted to send a cold sick female neighbor to the hospital, and your acute gastroenteritis attack he will only say to you, "drink plenty of hot water."

likes you, he will always put you first and won't let you have the idea of "who would you save if your mother and I jumped into the sea?"

and like you, he will put you into the future, look at the house decoration will ask your opinion.

this is the reciprocal relationship in love.

if in a relationship you meet a man who is cold to you and doesn't care about your feelings, or even thinks your tears are as cheap as a pool of stagnant water, then dear girl, this is not your Mr.Right.

at the end of his last relationship, Dachun said to me: "scraping a thank you is enough, and so is love. There is no need to scrape the words" Thank you for patronage "neatly to let go.


Dachun said she could hardly feel her boyfriend's care and love in that relationship.

in the middle of every chat, her boyfriend suddenly disappears on the other side without saying a word, leaving her anxious but helpless.

each time she tried to find a topic, and her boyfriend just coldly replied "hmmm" and "Oh";

her boyfriend disappears for several days every month, refusing to return text messages and phone calls, leaving her sleepless until dawn.

because of love, because of love, so put up with it.

she thought her boyfriend would see her tolerance and love and get better slowly.

however, scum men are scum because they all take their scum for granted.

your repeated tolerance and concessions did not hold him back.

We clear-sighted people know at a glance that her boyfriend does not like her. After all, it is impossible to hide the feelings of liking a person.

if you like someone enough, you will be afraid that she will think too much; there will always be endless topics to talk about with her; you can't help but want to find her if you don't see her.

it's like playing a game in which a person's hard-earned battle will eventually lead to defeat.

affection is a matter for two people, and it is useless for one person to try again.

there is a saying on the Internet: if you like this kind of thing, even if you cover your mouth, you will run out of your eyes.

Yes, it is obvious whether a person likes you or not. What he does and the look in his eyes will tell you.

many people like the relationship between Sanmao and Jose.

Sanmao also wrote in the Story of the Sahara that there was a beautiful neighbor who was always chatting with her family, Jose.

at first Jose would talk to her, but later when he saw that Sanmao was not very happy, he no longer paid attention to the beautiful woman, and his eyes did not fall on her.

this kind of Jose is both lovely and touching, because he gave Sanmao the best love, and he used his actions to make Sanmao feel at ease and happy.

and how many people can not find sense of security in love, always worry about gain and loss, wishful thinking, and finally lead to the rupture of the relationship.

once I saw such a message backstage:

"my boyfriend is nice to me, but he likes to mess around and always fights with other girls, which makes me have no sense of security. I talked to my boyfriend, but he didn't care. I think I can be replaced at any time. "

obviously, in such a relationship, the boy doesn't love the girl much, otherwise he wouldn't still fight with others when he knows his girlfriend is unhappy. To put it bluntly, he loves himself after all.

Why do lovers who don't have sense of security persist?

two people are worse together than they are when they are alone. Why are they still together?

Why continue a relationship that can only bring you negative energy?

Life is too long to indulge in a quagmire;

your life is very short, so you have to put your heart and feelings into someone who really likes you.

remind the person who wears clothes, the one who makes you fat, the one who brings you boiled water, the one who cooks for you, the one who touches your head when you cry, the one who acts as your alarm clock, and the one who complains that he smiles at you.

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people who encourage you when you are tired, people who always look at you, people who like to hear you sing, people who send messages back in seconds, people who look forward to your safe return, are all people you should cherish, aren't they?