Whether he loves you or not will be known after the holiday.
Whether he loves you or not will be known after the holiday.
The ceremonial feeling of the festival is the antistaling agent of love.

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do you have this feeling:

in a relationship, the longer you spend together, the more mundane the day becomes.

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the old days of holding hands, hugs and kisses are now nothing but ordinary days.

so many people begin to wonder if the relationship is slowly coming to an end.

but in fact, there are signs of love. Whether he loves you or not will be known after the festival.

people who love you will spend time with you

I remember that on New year's Eve last year, my colleague Kobayashi personally cooked a good meal and set off fireworks with his girlfriend, counting down to the New year.

he also gave his girlfriend the scarf he had knitted for a month.

he said that his girlfriend was usually afraid of cold and bad gas and blood, so he knitted a scarf for her.

in fact, gifts don't have to be valuable. What matters is the love and attention they represent behind them.

because feelings cannot be measured by matter.

the most ordinary romance is to remember each other's every word and realize it according to the vision in each other's heart at the right time.

A conscientious boy will always surprise you inadvertently and give you all the blatant preference and doting.

if a person is always perfunctory in the holiday season, looking for all kinds of excuses, then there is a good chance that he will not love you enough.

A person who is not willing to spend time with you on 365 days of the year, he just doesn't want to be free for you.

has long passed the age of listening to love, adult love is to really accompany and act.

whether it's Christmas, New year's Eve, birthdays or anniversaries, people who love you will always try to celebrate with you and bring their hearts closer to each other.

Deng Chao and Sun Li are also one of the model couples among the stars.

it was Sun Li's birthday. Deng Chao sent a Weibo message to wish her birthday at 09:26.

the picture shows nine 09:26 lock screen screenshots, which took nine months to collect.

netizens said one after another: such an intention is simply too loving!

A good love is not how much it costs, but how much thought and time he can spend for you.

the festival is not necessarily moved by the accumulation of materials, but from the little things that you feel that you are taken to heart.

the ritual feeling of the festival is the antistaling agent of love

in the Little Prince, the fox says to the little prince:

"rituals are those that are often overlooked, that is, to set a day to make it different from other days, and to set a time to make it different from other times."

the sense of ritual in love is to give each other a special souvenir during the festival.

Huang Lei once said: "I am very opposed to husband and wife becoming relatives, relatives are relatives, for example, my mother is my relatives, but my wife is my lover, my lover, my couple, she is different."

I think so.

Family affection depends on inertia, love needs passion.

and the ceremonial feeling of the festival is the antistaling agent of love.

Huang Lei and Sun Li have been married for 20 years, and the love itself is also happy and sweet. Although they have the firewood, rice and salt of marriage, there is no lack of occasional ritual and romantic feelings in life.

on the 20th wedding anniversary, Huang Lei held a new wedding. At the wedding, with two daughters in the company and romantic music, Huang Lei remarried and continued his previous promise.

I can't help feeling that only the feelings that manage with heart will be happier and happier.

in the variety show "21 days before Marriage", the first paragraph of the introduction is particularly piercing:

"if you don't have a birthday, you won't be marked when you grow up;

without graduation, there would be no formal beginning of a new journey;

rituals remind us of where we come from, where we are going, and who we love. "

that's a good thing to say. The sense of ritual is everywhere. If we don't have a sense of ritual, how should we mark time and record the beauty of life?

if life is full of firewood, rice, oil and salt, why not add some good sense of ritual in the trivial time?

all the rituals remind us to love and be loved.

I saw a fan contribute on Weibo:

her boyfriend will give himself hand-made gifts during the festival, but also very attentively!

when we were getting together, I sent a butterfly specimen;

A gift of flower arrangement was given on Valentine's Day.

Tu Yuan Weibo @ other people's love

she went to livehouse, and her boyfriend made the support card for her.

Tu Yuan Weibo @ other people's love

it is the ritual of these festivals that makes their love full of freshness.

whether he loves you or not is hidden in the details

Haruki Murakami said:

it is a ritual for you to squat down and tie my shoelaces while walking;

when you go shopping, you deliberately remember that the clothes I like were bought for me. It was a ceremony.

on your birthday, you cutThe first knife in the cake is the ceremony.

in fact, the sense of ritual is full of every aspect of our lives, and these small details bear witness to the heart in love.

in addition to the holidays, you can see whether a man loves you or not in the details of ordinary life.

as one girl said, her boyfriend is not a rich second generation, but she can feel that she has been loved with all her heart in detail.

she doesn't like scallions. When ordering takeout, her boyfriend will remember not to add scallions. When she goes out for dinner, her boyfriend will help her pick out the scallions first.

before her period, her boyfriend remembered the days to remind her not to drink ice. When her period was uncomfortable, her boyfriend would also make brown sugar and ginger tea. Because the ginger would be spicy, he specially added red dates to neutralize the spicy taste.

she always forgets to bring a belt, so her boyfriend often puts a belt on her and ties it up for her at dinner.

these mundane details are the reason for her to decide not to marry unless he does.

the love that girls need is not only high-end brand-name bags and large red envelopes, but also the feeling of being valued and loved behind the details.

Yu Qiuyu said:

I can't hide secrets or sorrows, just as I can't hide the joy of loving you or the loss of separation.

Love and dislove cannot be hidden.

Love is the tickets when you are in a long-distance relationship.

Love is when someone is with you when you are happy.

Love is in its twilight years, and I still play on the swing with you like a child.

if you treat each other attentively in detail, you will be able to make your relationship happier.

, may you meet someone who can not only spend time with you, but also create a sense of ritual for you on weekdays.

he treats you like a treasure and collects the details between you properly.

it is you who write down thousands of mountains and you who look at the beauty of the stars.

he loves you, and only you.

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