Whether you are a couple or a lover, if you don't want to lose each other, don't contact him in these four ways
Whether you are a couple or a lover, if you don't want to lose each other, don't contact him in these four ways
Don't lose yourself because you love someone too much.

saw a heartbreaking sentence on the Internet:

"Love but not, gain but not hesitate, loss but miss, throughout his life, full of regret."

Yes, there is nothing more sad in life than this: many things often begin with beauty and end with sadness; some people don't know to cherish them until they have regrets.

however, life is not cherished until it is lost, but it will not be lost until it is cherished.

so, as a woman, if you don't want to lose the other person and don't want him to leave you, don't contact him in these four ways.

have nothing to fear

Eason Chan sings

"what you can't get is always in a stir, and those who are favored have nothing to fear."

indeed, a woman's sense of security comes from being favored. Once you have determined your unique and stable position in a man's mind, then you can rely on it, and you can have a sword in hand and have nothing to fear.

A man's preference is a woman's greatest strength in the world.

anyway, if you love me, you have to make me happy, forgive my capriciousness, and tolerate all my messing around and doing whatever I want.

so, I dare to mess with you, delete your Wechat, dare to hang up on you.

however, tolerance is not connivance, and the indulgence of lovers is not their own presumptuous capital.

when his patience is depleted little by little, when his disappointment is enough again and again, when his bottom line is trampled by you again and again, regret blossoms bitterly.

it's too late to understand by now. Because it is much more painful to lose after you get it than to have nothing at all.

too clingy

Po in the movie "born Love Mania" is a patient with severe sense of security deficiency, getting tired of getting up all the time and checking on the phone all the time.

whether Tailin is in her own store or socializing outside, she will contact him regardless of time and occasion to ask him, "where is it?" What? With whom? "

it's understandable to love someone and want to be bored together, but you can't go too far.

just like Po, he can't get tired of being around Tyrin, so he sticks to him with his cell phone, and even installs GPS in his phone. As if he is not in front of his eyes, his mind will be lost; as soon as his body is separated or his cell phone is disconnected, he will run away.

if so, Tyrin turned and ran away. Because, too clingy love, suffocating.

the mobile phone is ringing all the time. Tailin can't concentrate on his work, can't get along with his family properly, and can't talk about cooperation with customers.

Po thought she was clingy to express her love, but in fact she was slowly eroding their love.

after all, no one wants to be bound, even in the name of love.

Missy said:

"everyone needs independent space to digest love. Sticking together will only make love stagnant and eventually stillborn."

therefore, no matter how deeply a woman loves someone, she should not be so clingy, independent and mature, so that she can live the way she wants and get the happiness she wants.

too active

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you chatter endlessly in the chat dialog, but his reply is very few, "the other party is typing" shows that there are only two words: "good" and "mm-hmm".

in a relationship, the most terrible thing is that you are full of concern in return for his stingy response.

Love never means that if you take the initiative to be nice to a person, he will love you desperately. No bottom line to pay, can not get love, at most is moved.

it's like Zhu Fei, played by Yue Yunpeng in passing through the World, who voluntarily exonerates the swallow, sends her money to study abroad, buys a house and waits for her to get married, but ends up breaking up.

someone on the Internet said:

"Women should not be too active, it will only make men less concerned."

Yes, if you are too active, you are belittling yourself, and the other person thinks you are cheap, so they will not cherish you.

blindly enthusiasm and step-by-step pressure will only scare each other away, because no one likes aggressive love.

Love goes both ways. Two people's expectations, two people's initiative, two people's efforts, there are two people's happiness.

so, if you don't want to lose him, don't be too proactive.

Love is also a kind of energy conservation, if he really loves you, he will take the initiative to approach you without you working so hard.

too aggressive

there is a classic line in "Hedong Lion Roar":

"from now on, you can only be kind to me, spoil me, don't lie to me, do everything you promise me, and be sincere in everything you say to me. Don't lie to me or scold me, but care about me. When others bully me, you should come out and help me at the first time.

when I am happy, you should accompany me to be happy; when I am unhappy, you should coax me to be happy; always think that I am the most beautiful; you also want to see me in your dreams; I am the only one in your heart. "

domineering Queen Cecilia Cheung said what all women think of an ideal man: absolutely dote on you, absolutely obey.

but when you think about it, isn't this luxury man properly a slave to love?

you are the center of the world all the time. Messages must be answered in seconds, whereabouts must be reported, and phone calls must be answered at any time. You say one, he can't say two, he must obey your request. Otherwise, you will condescend and yell in your face.

the bow will break if it is pulled too full, and the rope will break if it is stretched too tight.

you were so strong that he lost his job.A man's sense of dignity will choose to leave.

in fact, the way to preserve a relationship is to step back and keep it.

therefore, in a relationship, women learn to show weakness properly, and I believe that men will also know how to grow and bear, so that their hearts can have a greater sense of belonging.

Love, although selfish, is not lost nor possessed. Love is understanding, tolerance and fulfillment.

so, if you love, please don't let a person teach you to cherish by leaving!

only by loving someone from the nature of love can we reap a good relationship.

finally, I would like to send you a sentence from "come on, lover" to encourage each other:

"the worst thing in life is not losing the one you love, but losing yourself because you love someone too much."

, good night.