Who are you going to marry? it was meant to be.
Who are you going to marry? it was meant to be.
Your character determines the quality of your marriage!

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there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: the family is in harmony. Although the family is not good, it also has its own happiness.

A harmonious family, with love and warmth, can prosper, and no matter how poor it is, the family can become rich.

it is enough to see the influence of a family on people's destiny.

in fact, what kind of small family you will have, who you will marry, and what kind of life you will live are all predestined!

your family determines your personality

Xunzi said in "Persuasion to learn": "Pengsheng hemp, do not help but straight, white sand in nirvana, with it black."

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means to live in a good environment in order to grow up healthily.

We are familiar with the story of Meng's mother's three migrations. Meng's mother had to move many times in order to choose a good educational environment.

Meng's mother couldn't bear to watch it, so she took her children and moved to the market.

there are more pigs and sheep slaughtered in the bazaar, and Mencius learned from his neighbor's children about doing business with businessmen and slaughtering pigs and sheep.

Meng's mother couldn't help moving to her new house, this time near a school.

there is a cultural atmosphere all around, and Mencius imitates and studies all the scholars who come to worship at the Confucian Temple every month, which makes Meng's mother feel at ease.

the influence of the environment on a person is evident, not to mention the influence of the original family on the children.

"Confucius Cong Zi Juwei" said: "it is often humane to have such a father and a son.


Family has a great influence on one's character.

your living environment will affect your character more or less. In a family with good parents, children will also know how to love each other.

so, your family determines your character, and your joys, anger and sorrows all come from this place.

We can't choose to be born, so we have different growth environments and different personalities.

some people are pessimistic, some are optimistic, some are negative, some are positive, this is the choice of fate.

your personality determines who you will marry

as the ancients said, "every hair is born by fate."


every encounter is inseparable from eternal cause and effect. It is precisely because of this cause and effect that we have shaped such a kind of you and me, and we can meet by chance in this underworld.

there is such a story in Strange Tales of Liaozhai:

Liu Fanghui's sister from Kyoto betrothed Dai Sheng. Seeing that the wedding day was approaching, she did not want to enter the country, so her family had to dress her up and plan to get married ahead of time.

it is a pity that people are not as good as natural calculation. Liu Nu was not ready when she was taken away by the Qing soldiers who swarmed in.

the leader of the Qing Dynasty treated Liu's daughter with courtesy and took care of her. Liu Nu did not seek life and death, and the leader was even more satisfied.

soon, the leader captured another young man, about the same age as Liu Nu. Although the young man was in trouble, he was still polite, and the leader seemed to like it very much. As a result, he arranged for Liu Nu to marry a young man.

when they introduced themselves to each other on the night after they got married, they knew that this young man was Dai Sheng, and the day they got married was the wedding day originally set.

it can be seen that if you are accompanied by each other, there will be a certain number of hits. And it depends on your character.

because of the character of Liu Nu and Dai Sheng, they were captured by the leader and were able to be safe and sound. Because of character, decided to meet.

what kind of person you are determines what kind of person you will meet.

people with a gentle character also attract gentle people.

birds of a feather flock together, people divide into groups, and your circle determines your life.

when two people are together, some have complementary personalities and some have similar personalities, but on the whole, they all get along well.

people with different values are full of prejudice and do not understand, so it is difficult to talk to each other, so it is difficult to blend in.

so, your personality determines who you will meet, and then who you will marry.

your personality determines whether you are happy

Lin Yutang said:

"Happiness in life is nothing but four things:

one is to sleep in his own bed, the second is to eat the food cooked by his parents, the third is to listen to romantic words from his lover, and the fourth is to play games with his children. "

there was a man named Hu Jiushao in Jinxi in the Ming Dynasty. His family was poor and he worked hard all day long, barely enough food and clothing.

his wife said discontentedly, "where did you get Qingfu when you eat this vegetable porridge every day?"

Hu Jiushao said with a smile:

"We live in this peaceful and prosperous age, so we don't have to wander. The family has food and clothing, not hunger and cold.

isn't it blessed that family members are all healthy and upright? "

whether or not you have a good life after marriage has something to do with your character, in addition to meeting people and having constant friction.

people with contented personalities often live a contented life, and their happiness is easier than that of ordinary people. And a haggling person, everything has to argue about the end, it is naturally very sad and happy.

when Yang Jiang was one hundred years old, she once said:


We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was the calmness and calmness of our hearts.

We were so eager for outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others.


to live well every day and be content with what you have every day is happiness.

if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a tiger and wolf, you must be a beast.

whether you can be happy or not depends on whether you continue to improve yourself. Only good people can get to know better people.

, people, only have a lifetime, the pursuit of too many desires, only physical and mental exhaustion. Only by being content with a positive personality can you have time to taste the delicacy of life.

so, your family determines your character, your character, and the quality of your marriage!



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