"Why did you get married? That's a lovely answer. "
"Why did you get married? That's a lovely answer. "
He will take you across the mountains and seas, and he will enjoy mediocrity with you.

Why get married?

it's not about finding someone to spoil you and spoil you, but through someone, you can talk to him, take risks with him, experience with him, and find out what you don't have.

some people find it, very happy, some people do not find, will be aggrieved, will be lost, will doubt, will be confused.

one day you ask the person who found it how she found it.

she said that after a little grievance, she was lost for a while, doubting whether that person was the right person, and confused about how far she could go with him. And then we got married.

you ask her, is marriage magic?

she said, no, marriage is for people who have magic.

you should learn to turn the grievance of bumping your head against a door into the joy of finding a key;

you have to open the door and see the empty sense of loss in the room turn into fireworks with pots and pans;

you should turn your suspicion about the spicy slices of boiled meat into the happiness of Fried Sweet and Sour Tenderloin.

you have to turn your confusion about life into I want to hear your advice.

there must be a place you want to go, there is a part of the road you are not familiar with, so you go up to another person and ask another person, how can I get to the magic castle?

he pointed to the hill in the distance and climbed over it.

you gave a sound.

he senses your hesitation and worry.

he said, why don't I go with you. I happen to hear that the peach blossoms are blooming on the other side of the mountain, and there is a big meeting. If there is no time, we can drink and guess fists under the peach tree.

Why do you believe him? he will take you where you want to go.

is this strange trust, that is, he sees your fragility at a glance, and he gives you the confidence to move on, that is, you suddenly find the meaning of traveling here alone.

Oh, it turns out that there is a man waiting for me, and he wants to go to the place where I want to go.

he asked you, why do you want to go there so much?

you said that many people study magic there, and when they have magic, they can have everything you want.

brooms can fly, and so can trifles. I have seen many people come back from that castle with disappointed faces and swearing.

but also met other people, they can magic, two people together, I asked them, do you go to the magic castle? They looked at me in surprise, shook their heads and said, go and see the peach blossoms over there.

you ask him, can you do magic?

he said, yes.

you ask, can you show me?

he laughed loudly, you looked at him and laughed, too, laughing so happily.

you ask him, is this magic?

he said, "Yes, this magic is very powerful. Only by learning this magic can you face the difficulties of life, bar, change, then go away with bad luck, then go away aggrieved, then go away anxiously, and then land beside you happily."

even if the magic lasts a little short, it doesn't matter, save enough strength, you can pick up the magic wand again, bar bar ha.

ask him, can you teach me this magic?

he asked you questioningly, aren't you going to go to the magic castle?

you stared at him and suddenly smiled and said, I think I've found the magic castle.

Marriage is a process of slow disappointment.

look, that girl fell into the drama. You see, the teenager fell into the game. You watched the pots and pans in the sink get higher and higher, and you watched the dirty clothes pile up on the washing machine.

then, the magic slowly disappeared, unprovoked quarrel, inexplicable cold war, I do not know, since when, complaining, you are all silent.

the witch said that by eating the red apple, one can erase all the good memories of the past, eat the green apple, and eliminate all expectations for the future.

then, you all have magic.

Dress and appear sumptuous in our fashionable white lace prom dress. Why don’t you pick the cheap but high quality dress?

he picked up the green apple, took a bite and said, "I'm sorry. I hope you still have the courage to start over."

you snatched the green apple, took a bite and said, you always make decisions for me and never ask me what I think.

he took another bite of the green apple. I don't like playing games. I'm afraid of losing control of my life. I want to hide in the game for a while.

tired, annoyed, bitter, I always want to carry it alone, afraid of your worry, afraid of your distraction, in fact, a lot of times, I screwed up. I'm sorry.

you took another bite and said, every time I say that sentence will no longer talk to you, in fact, I want you to hold me. I quarrel with you loudly every time, in fact, I want you to kiss me.

when I'm down, in fact, I want to hear you say, it doesn't matter, you've done a good job. I want your comfort. I don't want to chase the show.

he took another bite of the green apple and suddenly smiled and said, "do you think this green apple is very crisp, sweet and delicious?"

you replied, um.

then, you two suddenly asked the witch, how much is this green apple per jin?

the witch said, are you two breaking up or not?

you said, 10 yuan for three jin, don't sell it, let's go!

the witch said, you two have gone too far, 10 yuan per jin.

he said, forget it, let's go to it againLet's have a look at his place.

the witch said, OK, OK.

you are holding an apple, with Apple in Hot Toffee's expectation in your heart, but you still have a tacit understanding. When you say a lot of things, the grievances break up.

those bad moods are not so bad. A smile will make them routed.

then, holding hands, you rushed to the next vegetable stall, and you asked him, would you like to eat fried meat with celery in the evening? He asked you if you would like to have stewed chicken with shiitake mushrooms tonight?

you suddenly remember that you haven't eaten dumplings for a long time. At that moment, your eyes stopped on a piece of lotus root, and then you laughed.

that's it. Buy half a jin of tenderloin and half a jin of dumpling skins.

many years later, someone asks you why you want to marry him. You smiled and picked up a lotus root pork dumpling and dipped it in mashed garlic.