Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year, the better the luck of the whole family will be after the new year?
Why is it that the cleaner the house is cleaned before the new year, the better the luck of the whole family will be after the new year?
In the new year, let's start with persistent cleaning.

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as the saying goes: 24 in the twelfth lunar month, duster sweeps the house.

in the folk, because "dust" is homophonic with "Chen", cleaning dust in December means "getting rid of Chen Buxin".

also means to sweep all "poor luck" and "bad luck" out of the house.

therefore, there is a saying: "the twelfth lunar month does not sweep away the dust, bad luck does not go out."

this custom places on our good wishes to ward off evil spirits and ward off disasters and welcome good fortune.

however, instead of saying that good luck favors clean homes, it is better to say that clean houses are the magnets that attract good luck.

your room, just like yourself

have seen a video remade based on a true story:

A man who made a living by begging accidentally found a set of clean clothes at the door of the rich area.

when he took it home and put it on, he suddenly felt that such clean clothes could not sit on the bed in a messy room, so he decided to clean up the bed.

looking at the clean and tidy room, he was suddenly in a good mood and decided to go out and look for a job.

later, he slowly lifted himself out of poverty, became an accomplished little boss, and lived a happy life of getting married and having children.

in one's residence,


hide him without

what it looks like.

what you do to your home is what you do to your life.

A clean and tidy home gives people a sense of comfort and a sense of belonging, and people living in it will organize their lives in an orderly manner.

in the face of disorganized home, it is easy to produce inertia, people who live in it will not only be impetuous, but also difficult to do things steadily and full of energy.

cleaning the house seems to be a trivial thing in life, but it can reflect your attitude towards life.

and this attitude is not only a respect for yourself, but also the best tribute to life!

Clean is the best feng shui for a family

many people believe in fengshui and think that good fengshui can bring good luck and fortune to the family, and there is even a saying that "fengshui is not good for three generations of poor people".

what kind of place can be regarded as good fengshui?

I read a piece of news earlier that the man's wife, who works in a foreign company, usually goes out beautifully dressed and pleasing to the eye.

but it's a different picture at home:

clothes are thrown about and cosmetics are all over the table. Men sometimes can't bear to take the initiative to help his wife clean up, but he makes his wife unhappy, saying that others will not be able to find her things if they touch her.

having been married to his wife for two years, he felt that his life was a mess, his work was not energetic, and his career plummeted.

the man was fed up with it and made up his mind to end the marriage.

the front of the person is bright, and the queen should be as clean as before.

because a clean and tidy home has the magic to withstand the storms of the world, it not only hides the blessings of life, but also nourishes your marriage.

when Sanmao first arrived in the Sahara Desert, the rented house was dilapidated:

there is a dirty yellow cracked water pipe in the kitchen, and a rugged cement platform with unlime walls and exposed cement at the seams.

the light bulb was covered with flies, and there was a gap in the left corner of the wall.

although the living conditions are limited, she and Jose regard it as their love nest and tidy it up attentively.

she painted the bookshelf, covered the table with white cloth, and pasted Chinese calligraphy on the wall.

she reuses the desert waste she picked up as a decoration for her home.

she also bought brooms, buckets, brushes and soap to clean every corner of the house.

this house, which is inconspicuous at first and has a "dirty and messy" environment, is finally carefully arranged into an oasis in the desert by Sanmao.

therefore, Jose likes to stay at home, and the guests have to come and sit all day.

Life is poor and the environment is bad, but the relationship between Sanmao and Jose has become more tenacious. Sanmao wrote the story of the Sahara that has been handed down to later generations.

We often look for our own fengshui, but do not realize that the best fengshui in the family is two words: clean.

while we are tidying up the house, the house is also supporting people.

A clean, spotless house, the family life will also be in good order, such an environment can not only make the family harmonious, but also attract good fortune.

but if you live in a dusty, messy home, no matter how much good luck and happiness will slip away.

the good luck of people and the good feng shui of the house can not be obtained in a few words or a prop, but are more attracted by the people living in the house.

as the ancients said, "Happy human settlements, blessed human settlements."

the best and worst lives are actually hidden in the house where we live.

the family is at peace, and good fortune comes naturally.

Home is clean, body is clean, mind is clean, life is clean

there was a topic on Zhihu:"what do you do when you feel like your life is a mess?"

can't be summed up without one word: clean the house.

cleaning the house seems useless, but it cleans not only the house itself, but also our hearts.

Liang Wendao once said:

"to read some useless books, do some useless things, and spend some useless time is to reserve an opportunity to surpass yourself beyond everything we know. Some of the great changes in life come from such moments. "

when people reach a certain age, more and more troubles will increase with age, work, family, children, life. Every pile is worth worrying about.

and at any time, a clean home can release the tired mood and make the bad life clear gradually.

to clean the room is to clean the mind

most of the time, the reason why people are impetuous and upset and unable to calm down is mainly due to the influence of the surrounding environment.

and tidying up housework, in fact, is also sorting out the inner impatience, making the mind clean, pure and happy.

as the saying goes, sweep the floor, sweep the heart, sweep the place without sweeping the heart.

the room is cleaned regularly so that it will not be stained with dust; if the heart is cleaned regularly, there will be no hidden thoughts.

the peace of mind is the peace of the body, the physical safety room is wide, the mind and body are at peace, what can be related!

the room is clean and the family is harmonious and blessed

whether the room is clean or not seems to be a trivial matter, but it reflects a person's attitude towards life and family.

families who often do housework together are more likely to reap happiness, because in the process of doing housework, love is flowing and feelings are communicating.

A clean house is the beginning of family harmony.

if the family is in harmony, the blessings will grow.

A clean room hides a child's future

A study conducted by Harvard University found that most children who love to do housework from an early age are more promising when they grow up.

because doing housework not only trains the child's hands-on ability, but also teaches him the ability to live.

if the house is clean and tidy and imperceptibly influenced, the child will soon develop a good habit of doing everything from beginning to end.

room is the space where a person spends the most time, and it hides the future of the child.

as the ancients said, "this is a shack, but I am virtuous."

Home is no better than rich and poor, as long as it is warm; the room is not too big, as long as it is clean.

"the home in one's heart is not just a house of one's own, but the life spent in this house for many years."

therefore, whether it is the state of the person or the state of home, it is necessary to keep it clean and tidy.

in a clean and tidy home, there is harmony between husband and wife, life is warm, and good luck naturally pours in.

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for the new year, start by keeping cleaning.

May you have a clean house and a bright heart!