Willing to (good text in depth)
Willing to (good text in depth)
Even if there are thousands of things in life, you have to give up in the end.

sow Yanan

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when I was a child in my hometown, whenever I was fishing, adults would row wooden boats and cast nets in the pond. when they closed the nets, they would put the small fish and crabs back into the pond.

the purpose of this is to allow more fish to catch in the future.

at that time, adults knew:

give up some small profits at present, but you can harvest bigger fish in the future.

the same is true of life.

Jia Pingwa said: "people who can live, or those who achieve success, actually know the two words, that is, 'willing'." Do not want to give up, the small house is small, the big one is big. "

only those who can give up can get it.

be reluctant to give up

give up, give up, give up first and get later, a Zen attitude towards life.

Life is like a water tank, the amount of water that can be stored is limited, and if you don't give up some waste water, you won't be able to melt into new water sources.

giving up is not a loss, but another gain.

in ancient times, a man who regarded money as life crossed the river with his friends. who knew that in the middle of the river, the boat was flooded and swam back to the bank in crisis, but he could not swim far because he was carrying gold on his back.

someone advised him to throw away the gold to save his life, but the man shook his head, still swam with the gold on his back, and finally sank into the river with the gold.

you may find it funny, how could anyone risk their lives for a bag of gold?

can you look around? aren't there a lot of people who work overtime and stay up late for money?

We have seen people who are with their families neglected for the sake of work;

I have also seen a lot of news that I stayed up late and ended up sleeping for a long time.

I have seen people who drink too much and face the crisis of survival early in order to socialize.

give up staying up late in order to have better energy; do not work too hard to accompany the family; get rid of some social activities, you will get a healthier body.

dare to give up, in order to get more beautiful.

give and take

there is a saying in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: "when you clench your fist and have nothing in your hand, you loosen your fingers, but you can have the whole world."

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in the Qing Dynasty, Zhang Ying, a bachelor of Wenhua Dian, received a letter from his family. It turned out that because of a stalemate over a piece of land, the family and neighbors specially wrote to Zhang Ying, who was an official in the DPRK, hoping that he would use his power to deal with his neighbors.

Zhang Ying smiled after reading the letter and wrote a poem to reply to his family: "A thousand miles to build a book is only for the wall, so it doesn't matter if you let him have three feet." Is the Great Wall still there today? I didn't see Qin Shihuang at that time. "

after reading the reply, the family was ashamed and offered three feet of their own initiative. The neighbors were deeply ashamed to see that the Zhang family was so magnanimous, so they also gave up three feet. As a result, there is a "six-foot alley" that has spread forever.

give up three feet, get six feet, let the originally tense atmosphere, such as the melting of snow and ice, return to the good.

the wisdom to get along with others is to be willing.

taking blindly will be tiresome, and it will be rewarded if you are willing to give it.

everything that is willing to give up will eventually return in another form.


Jiang Xun has two seals, one engraved with "willing" and the other with "reluctant to give up".

once, a friend asked him, "Why do you only use the seal, but you never use it once?"

Jiang Xun just realized that he had really not used the seal of "reluctant to give up". Did he imply that it was useless to give up any more?

he said:

"there are too many reluctant to give up in life: many people are reluctant to give up, many things are reluctant to give up, many places are reluctant to give up, a lot of time is reluctant to give up, and sometimes they are tired of being so reluctant to give up.

after middle age, read the Buddhist sutras and know that you have to give up everything in the end. No matter how reluctant you are, you must be willing to stay. "

Master Nebula once said: anyone with great goodness can give up, and anyone with great wisdom dares to give up.

if you don't give up what you have lost, you will live in pain forever. "giving up" is not laziness or weakness, but knowing that "some things cannot be forced, and letting go is the most free and easy thing to do."

Life is a journey of bitterness and joy, so why not give up your troubles and leave three inches blank to meet the unknown life?

even though there are thousands of things in life, you have to give up in the end.

everything in the world is for my use. I don't have it in the end. Don't be too greedy and ignorant. Sometimes you have to have it in your life, and don't force it all the time in your life.

the most precious thing in the world is not "can't get" and "lost", but the happiness that can be grasped now.

being an ordinary person who eats fireworks, embracing your own life, putting aside your troubles and picking up calmness is the only way to be at ease in the world.