Win more than 5, it means that you are in good health!
Win more than 5, it means that you are in good health!
Good health is the source of all happiness.

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Gordon said:

"the poorest people do not give up their health for the sake of money, but the richest people willingly give up all their money for the sake of health."

A healthy body is the source of all happiness, no matter who it is, it should be well guarded.

Today, Uncle did a little test to see if you are healthy.

if you win more than five, you look younger than the average peer.

if you win more than 8, congratulations, your mentality and appearance are very young, and you are more likely to live a long and healthy life.


eat meat reasonably

the lighter the diet, the better.

being too light can easily lead to malnutrition and bury a lot of hidden dangers to the body. Eating too light is easy to make aging more serious.

therefore, the diet should not be too light, but also to eat some meat appropriately and reasonably.


keep exercising

if you want to exercise properly every day, your mind and actions are healthy.

all friends are advised to try their best to


every day


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, even if you go downstairs for a walk.

never let yourself stop being good, be willing to enjoy the joy of self-discipline.


have a heart that loves beauty

buy clothes that suit you and wear your own temperament.

keep a beautiful posture regardless of location, jet lag, light makeup and no makeup.

dress appropriately on any occasion.

becoming beautiful will become a habit, so that you can always face everything confidently and calmly.

remember, loving yourself is the beginning of a lifetime of beauty.


not tangled

Let go of what should be let go, and let go of what should be let go.

Don't embarrass yourself, wronge yourself, stop trying to be brave, stop obsessing.

We have passed the age of wayward, and life can no longer be wasted by you.

if you don't cherish it, who really cares?

if you know how to let go, you will have a better state of mind, be more open-minded, and naturally be happier.


be willing to accept trendy things

with the change of times, our lives are constantly changing and updating.

We should not always live by the old ideas, but also know how to keep pace with the times and learn more about the new ideas now.

keep your love and enthusiasm for life at all times and live every day with enthusiasm.

try everything you like,

try to broaden your horizons,

strive to improve yourself



have an optimistic attitude

according to the Journal of psychologists:

"people who have a positive attitude towards life, have a clear purpose and have a strong sense of social identity tend to be healthier than pessimists."

We should strive to maintain an optimistic attitude and actively seek the meaning of life.

even if you are busy at work, you should also know how to accompany your family. The most secure and precious happiness in life lies in the trivialities of daily life.


likes to make friends

as the saying goes, many friends have many ways, saying that it is easy to do things when you are familiar with people.

to a certain extent, friends can help you relieve stress, solve difficulties, and encourage you to develop healthier living habits.


lose things regularly

if you are a person who cleans up your belongings regularly and is willing to throw away things you don't use, congratulations, you've got another one.

keep the necessities of life at home, do not hoard sundries, do not eat expired food.

in life, don't buy things you don't need, buy what is necessary.

when you finish cleaning up, you will find that it is the same home, but you seem to be more comfortable.


have a friend who really likes you

McCasadin, associate professor of psychology at Cedar Crest College in the United States, said:

"A good relationship is a good stress reliever, and knowing that someone is always there for you will keep you physically and mentally healthy."


likes to play with children

if you like to play with your children, you have a childlike innocence that will never grow old.

if you are secretly laughing in the morning, lively in the afternoon, humming a minor tune and snoring in the evening, it means that your life must be very happy, and full of fun and childish fun.


always be grateful for your life

occasionally complain in life,

but still remain the same to life


keep a kind heart even if you are in trouble.


with friends


do a good job

things, adhere to some ordinary small public welfare.

can tolerate the imperfections of life, but also withstand the ups and downs of the world.

believing in time and love will make