You are as free as you are self-disciplined.
You are as free as you are self-disciplined.
Self-discipline is a game between yourself and yourself.

only those who exercise self-discipline can master life

A few days ago, when I was browsing Douyin, I was doused up by a 79-year-old grandmother.

in the video, she is seen dancing in the middle of the stage in exquisite makeup, spinning, bending and splitting in one go.

after playing with short videos for only a year, this granny Wang successfully attracted more than 15 million followers by virtue of her own charm.

has always liked the saying that he is still a teenager when he runs away for half his life.

this is the most appropriate way to describe Grandma Wang.

having been admitted to the Hangzhou Song and Dance Troupe to study dance at the age of 14, she has been obsessed with dance creation for decades and has never been lazy.

in her opinion, one minute on the stage and ten years of work off the stage, the spirit is practiced, not lying down.

it is often said that time is never defeated by beauty. That is because behind all the beauty that looks like scenery, there is endless sweat; behind all the enviable achievements, there is ascetic self-discipline.

in life, it is not difficult to see that people often like to set up all kinds of flag for themselves in moments or other occasions.

I don't change my avatar until I lose ten jin. I read for an hour every day. This is the last time. I will never eat junk food again.

however, many of them, accustomed to indulging in comfort and comfort zones, perish in a variety of excuses after weeks or even days.

remember what George Bernard Shaw said: "self-control is the instinct of the strongest."

there is a world of desire in everyone's heart, and self-discipline is the key that can be opened.

in life, only those who can exercise self-discipline can really control their own life.

self-discipline is a process of self-improvement

I have seen a question on the Internet. What is the experience of a person with a high degree of self-discipline?

A highly liked answer is:

"instead of being dragged forward by life, you live between your inches, everything is in an orderly way, the life you want is within reach, and everything is moving in a good direction."

everyone is eager to make themselves better. But for those excellent people, self-discipline is the process of self-improvement.

Last week, Sister Lin from the same department took maternity leave and went back to work.

at first sight of her, everyone was amazed by her slim figure and her aura scattered from the inside out.

because from the appearance, it is really difficult to see that she is a mother who has given birth for less than half a year, and soon after she returned to work, she quickly went to work.

but Sister Lin said bluntly that she had gained 50 jin after giving birth. As a novice mother, taking care of a child also makes her a lot of trouble.

it turns out that she can recover so well because she made a fitness plan for herself after giving birth and strictly carried out the requirements.

for example:

walk 10000 steps a day, practice yoga for half an hour, don't watch TV, don't stay up late, no matter how busy and tired you are with your child during the day, you will spend time on skin care every day.

on weekdays, the diet is as light as possible, and when you are full, you no longer raise chopsticks.

it can be said that these plans are full of challenges, and it is really not easy for people who do not exercise self-discipline.

but Sister Lin persevered.

in just a few months, she fully regained her figure to the prenatal level, and she was not out of touch at work.

Yes, only when people exercise self-discipline can they get the life they want.

those who live a self-disciplined life exude beauty all over their body. behind the enviable life, there is a high degree of self-pursuit.

remember a sentence that Gladwell once said:

"the reason why genius is outstanding in people's eyes is not the first class of talent, but the continuous efforts."

only by turning self-discipline into a habit and persistence into an attitude can life become better in the process of self-improvement.

self-discipline is a person's top charm

some people say:

never indulge yourself and make excuses for yourself. Be strict with yourself, over time, self-discipline will become a habit, a way of life, and your personality and wisdom will become more perfect.

I think so.

the more self-discipline you are, the more dominant you are, both physically and in life.

it may not be obvious for a short time, but over a long period of time, months or even years, self-disciplined people and undisciplined people will eventually take a completely different path.

A group of photos of Li Ruotong attending the "618 Party" went viral a few days ago.

in the photo, she is seen with a long wave behind her, and her delicate makeup and the clearly visible muscle lines on her arms are even more eye-catching. Both her figure and the whole person's condition are extremely good.

if not, who can believe that she is already 53 years old this year!

many netizens leave messages and praise in the comment area:

Oh, my God, did Auntie take preservatives?

the immortal sister is indeed a fairy sister, and she is still immortal 25 years later.

once thought that being beautiful is an advantage. After seeing her, I found that living a beautiful life is a person's ability.

Li Ruotong looks so young, in fact, she can't do without her strict demands on herself for 20 years.

to keep her body flexible, she stretches her abs and shoulders every day for at least two hours.

when she doesn't have a job, she regards sports as a hobby to pass the time, and spends her time in the gym whenever she has spare time.

all the people who have seen her praise her for her "slim figure, slender waist and erect posture".

Wanna look trendy in these blush wedding dresses and display your unique femininity. This is the part for the unique, as you.

it can be said that the beauty trained by self-discipline is no longer the simple beauty of the skin, but a kind of charm beyond the physical age, which seems careless, but irresistible.

I like what the writer Wang Xin said very much:

the slow life that you see is cozy, leisurely, unfettered, and free from money, is actually a reward for self-discipline, a sweet moment in life, not all daily life.

many persistence processes seem trivial, but they can also produce qualitative changes as a result of day-to-day accumulation.

self-discipline not only changes a person's appearance and temperament, but also creates a healthy and positive state of life, becoming a person's top charm.

you are as free as you are self-disciplined

A lot of people have had this experience:

clearly agreed not to stay up late, but at night, I always prevaricate myself with the excuse of "sleep after watching this episode and going to sleep after playing this game", habitually unable to put down my cell phone.

want to learn new skills and plan for the future, but a year later, the schedule still stays at the original "5%";

make up your mind to lose weight, and comfort yourself to eat only a little when delicious food appears.


self-discipline is really a particularly unskilled thing, but at the same time, it is also the most difficult thing to adhere to.

many people cannot exercise self-discipline because they are at the mercy of their desires and cannot be cruel to themselves.

as Kant said:

if we, like animals, listen to desires and escape pain, we are not really free because we are slaves to desires and impulses.

We are not choosing, we are obeying. Only self-discipline, self-discipline makes us different, self-discipline makes us live a higher level.

self-discipline, in the final analysis, is a game between yourself and yourself.

how self-disciplined you are, how free you will be.

May we really become self-disciplined ourselves, live the way we want, and live the life we want.

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