You can't rely on anyone unless you're useful.
You can't rely on anyone unless you're useful.
May you cherish your life, be responsible for yourself, and look forward to the future.

who can we rely on when we are alive?

it is normal to be alone on the road of growing up. No matter they are relatives or friends, they all have their own responsibilities to carry and their own way to go, so it is impossible to give you a hand in everything.

Don't always count on others in the face of difficulties. Only rely on their own, can really resist the long life of the snow sword.

Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone

there used to be a hot topic: "what do you think of your status in the hearts of others?"

here is a piercing answer:

"never overestimate your status in the hearts of others. You may be nothing with others."

most of the time, we always think that if we treat others with sincerity, we can get the same sincerity, but we do not realize that it is just our own wishful thinking.

in the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui", the male host Yu Huanshui is a very righteous person. His good brother needed money, and without saying a word, he borrowed 130000 of the money left by his dead mother.

at that time, Yu Huanshui never doubted the friendship between brothers.

but when he was in a hurry to use the money and asked for it kindly, his former brother procrastinated again and again, not only fooling him around, but also vanishing from the earth.

later, Yu Huanshui ran into a "good friend" in the street and asked, "Why did you lie to me?" How could you do this to your friends? "

the other party did not feel the slightest apology, and even said proudly, "I just lied to you, what's wrong?" I'll pay you back, but it depends on my mood. "

reality dealt Yu Huanshui a blow on the head.

in this life, no emotion is immutable, no relationship is enduring.

whether love or friendship, please open your eyes and don't always give your heart away easily.

at any time, you should first take care of yourself and live your own life.

Please look down on people, enjoy the impermanence of the world, know how to be close and close, love and hate at will, and leave their kindness and trust to those who are more worthy.

relying on yourself is king

have read such a story.

A man was hiding from the rain under the eaves when he happened to meet a Zen master passing by with an umbrella.

so he stopped the Zen master and said, "it is said that the Dharma is all about universal sentient beings. How would you like to give me a ride today?"

the Zen master replied, "you are under the eaves, I am in the rain, I have rain here, and the eaves have no rain, so there is no need for me to spend you."

after listening, the man immediately walked out of the eaves and stood in the rain: "now that I am also in the rain, you should be able to spend me?"

the Zen master said:

"you and I are both in the rain. I was not caught in the rain because I had an umbrella, while you were caught in the rain because I didn't bring an umbrella."

so, it's not me, it's me.

if you want to degree, please don't look for me, you have to find your own umbrella. "

when the man heard this, he said angrily, "if you don't want to spend it, I told you why go in such a big circle."

after hearing this, the Zen master said calmly, "if you want to stay out of the rain, you must learn to find an umbrella, always want to rely on others, and you will only lose yourself if you refuse to work hard."

time goes on, and things are complicated. Instead of expecting others, it is better to rely on yourself.

there is a long road in life, and everyone has his own way to go and his own difficulties to cross.

Don't expect others to clean up your mess. In the adult world, relationships between people are very fragile.

even if others can help you for a while, they can't help you for the rest of your life. You have to conquer your life lessons by yourself.

only by relying on yourself can you really grow up and find the eggs and surprises that fate has prepared for you.

Don't be intimidated by difficulties, don't be bound by the past, don't set limits on yourself, when you keep moving forward bravely, you can meet a better self.

invest in yourself instead of counting on others

as the writer Wang Guozhen said, "opportunities should be fought for by themselves, and fate should be grasped by themselves."

in this life, the most important person you have is yourself.

after graduation, my friend Yaya set up a small fashion media studio with several like-minded friends.

at first, they advertised for their clients, and they visited each company according to their business cards. The mouth was dry, but the customers were still unmoved.

this situation went on for several months. Yaya did not understand why she worked so hard, but never met her own Bole.

Yaya finally began to delve into the live broadcast plan with her team partners, analyze fan attributes, and spent a lot of time and energy writing scripts, adjusting lights, and evaluating products.

nowadays, more and more of their lists are visible to the naked eye.

We always encounter the time when we are slapped by life and feel that our luck is simply bad, and then we are confused, and have a deep sense of powerlessness.

ask life, "Why am I the one who bears this?", but after a circle, you will understand that the cards of luck and misfortune are always in your own hands.

instead of expecting help from dignitaries, it is better to spend more time on yourself and keep investing and enriching yourself.

as long as you are willing to learn, explore and embrace new knowledge, you will certainly be able to start an extraordinary life of your own..

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the process of shaping yourself may be hard, but in the future, you will be grateful for who you are trying to be better now.

there is still a long way to go. You have to carry your own ups and downs. Don't count on others and don't pay your heart by mistake.

Please remember: you can only control the life you want, and you can only manage the happiness you want.

May you cherish your life, be responsible for yourself, and look forward to the future. Although the world is extremely difficult, but the light is ahead, please move forward bravely!

encourage it.