You don't want to throw anything away, talking about the quality of life.
You don't want to throw anything away, talking about the quality of life.
The best practice in life is to cut the complexity and simplify it.





Bing Xin said:

"if your heart is simple, then the world is simple."

there are always too many desires in life that make us want too much.

only by removing these desires can we find that we don't need much at all.

simplicity is the highest state of a person.

"the Avenue is to be simple". People who live a natural and unrestrained life are all people who cut down the complexity and simplify it.

throw away excess items

Balzac once said:

"in the great winds and waves of life, we often look like the captain and throw away the heavy cargo in the storm in order to reduce the weight of the ship."

this is not the case for many people who live in a peaceful environment.

my friend Xiao Yin has recently changed to a big house.

when I went to her house, I saw something like this:

pots of plants fill the balcony.

two boxes of tea and five or six teacups occupy half the coffee table.

there are leather sofas, oversized HDTVs, floor speakers and flower arrangements in the corners.

the spacious room looks messy and small.

this is the case with many families.

items one by one, occupy the limited space, increasing the difficulty of cleaning up.

but there are few things that are really necessary.

in a program, two refrigerator doors in the actor's home were opened:

Laver, sesame and other foods are stuffed into the refrigerator.

after two large bags of things were cleared out, the refrigerator became much more spacious.

the host lamented in the program that he also wanted to throw away some things to help his parents' family, but his parents were determined not to give up.

in fact, only by throwing away those useless things can life be simple and happy.

as we download too many apps on our phones, there are also photos and videos.

always thinks that there will be a time to use it, but as a result, it is almost never used.

on the other hand, I am very annoyed by the stutter of my mobile phone.

superfluous things make us slaves to things.

if you want to make life easier, you must learn to break up.

as Rousseau said:

"simpler, simpler, simpler.

I said let your business be as simple as one, two, three, not a hundred, a thousand. "

when you are no longer manipulated by indulgent desires, you can live freely.

cut off redundant social interaction

Wang Yangming wrote in the Biography:

"if the grass is in the way, it is appropriate to go, just go." I don't go right away, and I'm not tired. "

among all living beings, the best way to keep your heart from tiredness is to reduce your social circle.

well-known host Bai Yansong has always insisted on not using Wechat.

he said:

"if you go to Wechat, people ask Lao Bai, do you have Wechat? I have to say yes.

then they say add one, but can I say no? I'm going to add it. How many moments do I have to stay in? "

We spend a lot of time on Wechat every day, following other people's lives.

but in fact, I don't have a good life either.

this gave him a lot of new ideas.

also spend more time with their families.

coincidentally, the same is true of Wang Han. Every once in a while, he deletes people he doesn't contact very often on Wechat.

it is more appropriate to have fewer people who have nothing to do with themselves, no matter how famous they are.

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I have seen a very gripping social practice video called "how many common contacts are there in your mobile phone?" ".

there are more than 1,000 people in the mobile phone address book of several interviewees.

but after they are asked to delete their social friends, colleagues at work and family, there are only two or three people who can tell the truth.

everyone will know about 27000 people in his life, but your true bosom friend is only two or three people.

even they themselves were shocked to see this.

many of your "friends" who are too busy to socialize every day are actually wasting their time.

A lifetime seems to be very long, but in fact it is limited.

Don't let the limited time be occupied by redundant social activities.

since you only have one life, take more time to enrich your heart.

"the road of the world is endless, labor and life is limited". Don't let the complicated social activities tire your mind.

"the nature is always pure" in order to "the sun and the moon always shine".

Let go of entangled emotions

the ancients said:

bitterness is not bitterness, pleasure is not joy, it is just a momentary obsession.

is lost by obsession, he will not be able to see the reality clearly.

Kui Qingzi and Ji Lingchen, with their super high appearance and sweet interaction, were once regarded as model couples.

but at the age of 30, the two announced that they had broken up.

at first, it was difficult for him to accept such a reality.

later, she slowly saw through human nature and chose to let it go.

Kui Qingzi said:

when you let it go completely, you won't have any resentment, you've grown up.

Don't feel like you can't stand up because you've been hurt. You can live better than before.

No one is inseparable from each other in his life.

if you can't keep someone, just let go and let him go faster.

choose to put down and open, is a new future.

A classmate in high school, after graduating from college, met a handsome big boy and quickly fell in love.

they snuggled up to each other everywhere in parks, lakesides and coffee shops.

when the two were about to talk about marriage, the boy was found to have advanced liver cancer.

after seeking medical treatment many times in major hospitals all over the country, the boy still regretted his death.

after going through the heartbreaking pain, the students gradually faced up to the reality.

later, a talented boy walked into the marriage hall of his classmates.

now, the two have given birth to a pair of children, living a sweet, rich and happy life.

students have said with emotion:

"people always look forward and cannot always live in the shadows for a lifetime."

in this life, people always have to face too much emotional reluctance.

if you can afford it, you should put it down even more.

Let bygones be bygones.

only when we let go can we free up our hearts and welcome a better tomorrow.

as the song says: "go with fate, come with the wind, is my mind."

to the extreme of life, it must be plain and simple

there is a cloud in Caigen Tan:

in spite of favor and disgrace, I am idle to watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; whether I go or stay unintentionally, I will follow the clouds outside the sky.

what people live is a state of mind.

No matter how many items, the most necessary thing is a quilt and three meals a day.

No matter how deep the feeling is, it should not be yours or missed.

the best practice in life is to cut the complexity and simplify it.

Let go when you should, give up when you give up, and life will be as good as you want.

when you put it down, it's natural;

as soon as you put it down, the mountains and rivers grow.


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