You stay with me, and I'll miss you all my life.
You stay with me, and I'll miss you all my life.
Life is too short to miss too much.



time people

easy to come, difficult to go, decades of people travel around the world.

perhaps the most unforgettable thing is the strands of feelings between people.

keep chopping, the management is still messy, but it is also hard to leave.

Jin Yong said in the swordsmen: "how many crazy children in ancient and modern times, there is no resentment in the depths of love."

the road of love is difficult, the difficulty is not the promise of two hearts, but the long-term companionship. The most painful part of love is the beginning of comedy, the end of tragedy and the ending of farce.

time people

and today, what my uncle wants to take you into is,

Love Legend between Lu you and Tang Wan


in this period of love and regret that has lasted for more than 60 years, I feel what it means to be "always affectionate, but how shallow".

childhood sweetheart, two children have no guesses

it is said that you can't meet someone who is too amazing when you are young, otherwise you will be wrong for the rest of your life.

indeed, most of the time, the pure feelings born in the youth are the most unforgettable.

like Lu you and Tang Wan, they are very close to the family, and they have no guesses, and they walk through the time when bamboo horses circle Qingmei together.

when she reached the marriageable age, Lu you took the family heirloom Fengchai as a betrothal gift and happily welcomed her cousin Tang Wan.

it is a time of newlyweds, and both husband and wife are good at poetry. I don't know how many people they envy when they sing poems and books in harmony.

they promised each other "never give up, grow old together". However, this is like the beginning of a fairy tale, but it can only have a tragic ending.

who ever thought that as the relationship between husband and wife grew stronger, Lu's mother became more and more uncomfortable with it.

she thought that Tang Wan had delayed her son's studies, and she was even more worried that her son was addicted to his children's affairs all day long, leaving behind his glorious family and ambition.

then, on the grounds of "there are three unfilial piety, no queen is great", Lu you forced Lu you to divorce his wife.

Lu you tried every means to exhort and beg, but he was never able to stop his mother, so he had to write a letter of divorce to Tang Wan.

from now on, it will be difficult to be happy when we say goodbye.

pitiful newlyweds' lovers are so separated by unprovoked filial piety and secular utilitarianism.

now think about it, if they do not love too much, the rest of their lives should stay in the "April days on earth".

but if you want to ask them, do they regret meeting and knowing each other? I think the answer must be: no!

some people, even if they can't stay together in the end, love each other happily, they have no regrets.

still remember that Zhang ailing said a sentence in "half a Life":

"you ask me if it's worth loving you, but you should know that love means not asking if it's worth it."

every relationship encounters many hurdles:

the opposition of the family, the barrier of different places, the uncertainty of the future.

I don't know where it comes from, but it goes deep. For us, it is not only instinct, but also a precious gift.

although the Mountain League exists, it is difficult to trust brocade books

people are like two lines intersecting each other, the radians are far away and sometimes near, and the feelings are getting closer and closer.

therefore, there will always be some time for you to fall in love with each other, and there will also be some time for you to forget about the rivers and lakes.

I have seen a classic movie, the Grandmaster.

Ip Man and Miss Gong met in the tournament. One is gentle and elegant, the other is fierce and fierce.

Young men and women began to feel confused and then exchanged letters with each other.

however, they can't be together after all.

not only because of character, but also because of family background.

in the end, Miss Gong can only say goodbye to Ip Man with regret:

"Mr. Ye, to tell you the truth, I had you in my heart, but I can only stop here."

many things in the world are like this. They are made fun of by fate. Some people can only miss it after they miss it.

after Lu you and Tang Wan separated, the two were cut off and never saw each other again.

until a blooming spring day, Lu you went for a walk in Shen Garden alone. On the secluded path in the depths of the garden, he ran into Tang Wan, who came to play with him.

after ten years of parting, things have changed.

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at that time, Lu you married another and Tang Wan remarried. This long separation and reunion brought nothing but endless pain.

the two looked at each other in silence, and even though they had a thousand words in their hearts, they had to turn into a few pleasantries.

after getting up to bid farewell, Tang Wanzheng got her husband's consent and sent refreshments and yellow rattan wine to Lu you as a sign of friendship.

now it is different from the past, the former lover is now someone else, just like the willow in the forbidden palace, out of reach.

all kinds of taste, more bitter than wine, think of here, Lu you splash ink, letter pen under the title "Hairpin head, Phoenix crisp hands":

Red crisp hands, yellow rattan wine, spring palace willows all over the city.

the east wind is evil, joy is thin, a sad mood, a few years away from the cable.

wrong, wrong, wrong!

Spring is as old as ever, empty and thin, tearful red mackerel.

Peach blossom falls, idle pond pavilion. Although the mountain alliance is there, it is difficult to trust the brocade books.

Mo, Mo, Mo!

the saddest thing in the worldThat is, knowing that I can't grow old with you, I still can't give up hugging and talking about it.

Tang Wan is also on her mind.

the following spring, she went to Shenyuan again and suddenly caught a glimpse of the inscription of Lu you on the garden wall.

thousands of grief welled up in her heart, and she couldn't help but pick up her pen and make peace with her:

the world is weak, human feelings are bad, and it is easy for the rain to send dusk flowers.

Xiao is dry, tears are broken, and he wants to write a note on his mind.

difficult, difficult, difficult!

people are different. Today is not yesterday, and the sick soul is often like a swing rope.

the sound of the horn is cold, and the night fades away. I am afraid that people will ask questions and swallow tears and pretend to be happy.

hide, hide, hide!

the world is cold, touching the scene, after you and I have been separated, there is no excuse to meet, even if miss.

after going back, Tang Wan recalled the past, sighed that the world was helpless, pined away day by day, and soon died depressed.

maybe some people are doomed to miss it, but as the saying goes:

"there are three things in life that cannot be covered up: cough, poverty, and love."

feelings are uncontrollable, come to the heart, no one can forget, accompanied by a journey through the mountains and rivers, this friendship can not let go.

No matter whether we are still with each other now or not, we still have occasional concerns in our hearts. After all, we have met each other, and we have all been unable to give up.

therefore, it is better to accept calmly that I will remember the journey you have gone through with me for the rest of my life.

Dream cut off incense, love is deep and shallow

amorous is always ruthlessly annoyed, but there are many infatuated feelings in the world.

the beginning of the story is always like this, just in time, and sincerely; the story always ends like this, with two flowers blooming and the sky apart.

the warm-blooded man who "rose to fight the wine song out of the plug and crushed a hundred thousand soldiers in his chest", the patriotic poet who "lay at night to listen to the wind and rain, and fell asleep in the iron horse glacier" probably gave all his tenderness to Tang Wan.

it is a pity that the man has gone, and he can only find Tang Wan's figure in his memories.

once, Lu you went to pick chrysanthemums to sew pillow bags. Remembering the past when he was 20 years old, he and Tang Kui picked chrysanthemums together as pillow bags. He could not help but feel sad and sighed that now everything was off, and only the fragrance of the chrysanthemums was the same as before.

Winter snow is you, Chunhua is you, summer rain is you. Really love a person, see everything is her.

later, Lu you lived near Shenyuan. "every time he entered the city, he would climb the temple and look out, and he could not win."

every few years, he would revisit the same place and go back to Shenyuan.

Shen Yuan is still grass long Yingfei, Liu Si is still fluttering, spring water is still green, but Lu you is sad alone: I was here and saw her beautiful shadow drifting in.

in the last year of his life, he stubbornly let his children and grandchildren help him to go, and left two Qiguan songs.

he said: I finally believe that you have turned to dust. I just feel that this dream went too fast and woke up too early, leaving me sad to face my hometown.

it has been more than 60 years since they loved each other to Lu you to death, but they have only been together for three years.

once expected a trip, in exchange for a lifetime of lovesickness.

Lu you and Tang Wan suffered several times, but they finally missed it, and it was difficult to keep each other in love, which finally became a pity.

many friends around me have a deep understanding of this.