You will always meet someone who has nothing to say to you.
You will always meet someone who has nothing to say to you.
The warmest guardian is the longest, and the simplest companion is the most secure.

at first, Wen Jiajia liked Lao Zhong and even stayed with him in a disgraceful way, conceived his child, and went to Seattle alone to give birth.

Lao Zhong can give her a lot of money and bags, but he won't give her emotional companionship and understanding.

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actually she is not happy. She loves someone who doesn't love her.

so even if Wen Jiajia returned home and Lao Zhong came together fair and square, Lao Zhong still could not give her the love she wanted.

he only complains:

"does the man who does great things stay at home with his wife and children every day? When it rains, you want it to be sunny, and when it clears up, you are going to rain again. You are too good. "

Wen Jiajia finally chose to leave. She said, "Lao Zhong, you are no longer in my heart."

she started a new life alone with her children, independent, confident and calm.

she became a better self, and then she met Frack again and lived a really happy life.

Wen Jiajia said: he is the best man in the world.

"maybe he won't take me on a yacht or French food, but he can run a few blocks for me every morning to buy my favorite soybean milk and Youtiao."

when a person was fragile and sad and panicked and collapsed abroad, it was Frack who accompanied her.

the warmest guardian is the longest, and the simplest companionship is the most secure.

I like this Happy ending.

because in this life, there is no guarantee that we can meet the right person all at once. Maybe we all have to fall a few times and fall in our relationship.

when one day, a person appears in your life, you suddenly realize that all the misses in the past are for this moment.

when you go around, you will always meet someone who has nothing to say to you.

there is such a plot in Chongqing Forest.

before leaving, Takeshi Kaneshiro took off her high heels for Lin Qingxia, fearing that her feet would be swollen the next day, and thought that for a beautiful woman like her, high heels should be clean.

so he went to the bathroom, dipped his tie in water and cleaned his shoes bit by bit.

Love is with great fanfare, but love is always cautious.

my friend shared her married life with me before. Her husband has two hobbies, one is cooking, the other is cleaning.

she often cooks her favorite dishes. Whenever she does a thorough cleaning, she eats his washed fruit on the sofa, chases TV series and plays games. When he can't beat others, he leaves his mop to help.

A friend has always been the image of a strong woman. After two fruitless relationships, she only wants to make money and start a career.

until she met her husband, in her own words:

"I don't know when I became more and more used to having him in my life. He made me feel that I was really a little girl who needed to be spoiled and loved."

you see, every lonely soul meets its own semicircle.

those who are good to you are all gifts from life.

I have always believed that the gains and losses in this world are conserved after all.

if some people do not know how to cherish you, they will also hold you in the palm of their hands.

if someone consumes your good wantonly, there must be someone who properly collects those love and gives.

there are people who make you feel so painful that you have nothing to say to you, and there are also people who have nothing to say to you.

you have to believe that there will always be someone in the world who will simply love you, and there will be someone who will make you feel like the most unique Lucky girl in the world.

before that, try to make your shoulders strong, as Beijing meets Seattle.

may be bitter and tired, but in this way, when the right person comes, you can embrace TA calmly: "Hey, I'm ready for love to fall from the sky, how about you?"

, all stories have a happy ending.

good night and sweet dreams.