You will meet whoever you are.
You will meet whoever you are.
You deserve to meet all the good things in the world.

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Dong Qing has this passage in the Reader:

everything in the world is met, just like the cold meets the warm, there is rain; when spring meets winter, there is time; when heaven meets the earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life.

the encounter between people is really a wonderful chemical reaction.

everyone you meet in your life is no accident.

all encounters have cause and effect

in last year's hit drama "everything is fine," Su Mingyu was originally a stubborn girl who was not liked by her original family. Fortunately, she met her mentor Lao Meng and taught her all the way to the pinnacle of her life.

he saw that she had a talent for sales, took her into the workplace, and pointed out the direction and dream of her life.

not long after she joined the profession, her private use of official seals caused the company to lose more than 300,000 yuan, and Lao Meng kept her.

to her, she was like a daughter. After learning that her mother had died, Lao Meng gave her a bank card directly.

at that time, many girls around me envied Su Mingyu's luck: how could I not meet such a high-quality boss and life mentor?

it is true that it is impossible to find such people around us.

but don't forget that the magnetic fields between people can induce each other.

if it wasn't for Su Mingyu's indomitable heart, wisdom and courage, how could she attract Lao Meng and spare no effort to help her?

the Law of attraction in psychology says that what kind of person you are, what kind of people and energy you attract.

if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you walk with a tiger and wolf, you must be a beast!

A person's character, hobby, quality of life, and goal direction can be clearly seen at a glance by looking at the nearest five people around him.

in the world, no matter how far away it is, those with the same frequency will eventually cross the vast sea of people, and similar souls will eventually meet.

who you are, you will be with

some people have discussed, what is the best state of marriage?

the conclusion is that it must be run by two equal souls.

Xiaoyun, a girl who just graduated from the company, is always thinking about how to become a winner in life through marriage instead of her work.

A female colleague got married and gave us happy candy. Xiaoyun told us at noon with envy on her face, "she is so lucky to marry so well."

I said, "I'm pretty good myself."

but she turned a deaf ear and sighed all the time why I didn't have such a good life.

Yes, this female colleague is indeed married well. Her husband is a senior lawyer in four major law firms with an annual salary of more than $1 million.

but she is not bad herself. She has achieved the position of director of public relations at a young age. No matter how busy she is, she has to go to the gym three times a week, always keeping her figure slim and gorgeous.

look at Xiaoyun. During the day, she often brushes all kinds of social software and Taobao. When she goes back at night, she stays up late to play games, and her face is always haggard and acne.

you only see other people marrying good people, but you don't see that others have the ability to be side by side with good people.

Zhang Jiajia said: "everyone is a semicircle, and in this vast world, there will eventually be another semicircle that fits perfectly with you, just enough to make a perfect circle."

what kind of person you are, what kind of person you will be with.

Lin Huiyin finally chose Liang Sicheng, which is a mutual sympathy between talented people and talented women.

Zhong Nanshan and his wife Li Shaofen are also attracted to each other by excellent souls.

when Guo Jingjing marries Huo Qigang, the champion is neck and neck with the rich and powerful.

if you want to be with excellent people, you must first cultivate yourself.

think of a paragraph that a blogger once said:

I believe that at this very moment, the person you are destined to be with in the future is trying to create the memories and stories that you are going to tell you in the countless nights you lay in bed together.

therefore, you must work harder now and meet the future TA with the best of yourself.

if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come

but the fact is: the vast majority of these social and social connections are useless.

one of my seniors once shared her entrepreneurial experience.

when she was still in college, she was very interested in doing e-commerce and met several big names in various activities.

Nowhere else you can find such a magnificent high neck wedding dress. Consider these fabulous collections.

but when she decided to start a business after graduation and confidently contacted these bigwigs to ask for relevant experience, there was almost no response.

frustrated, she can only gnash her teeth to learn, practice, fail, and come again, step by step to today, and finally made some achievements.

now, there is an endless stream of people who come to her to discuss cooperation, including those who used to be big names.

Sister finally said with emotion: "instead of trying to get to know others, it is better to refine yourself in a down-to-earth manner."

Yes, if you are not good enough, you can't get into the circle of excellence even if you sharpen your head, and you can't get the favor of excellent people.

Excellent people are friends all over the country; those who have no strength are also unable to move in court.

likes a paragraph very much:

A really strong person doesn't put too much effort into pleasing and attaching himself to others. The so-called circles and resources are only derivatives. The most important thing is to improve your internal skills. Only when you have practiced yourself, will others be attached to you.

if you are a sycamore, the Phoenix will come to live; you are the sea, and all rivers will come to gather. Only when you get to that level, will you have a corresponding circle, not the other way around.

Yes, if you plant a sycamore tree, it will certainly attract the Phoenix.

instead of chasing a horse, it is better to use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When spring is warm and green grass blossoms, there will be a number of fine horses to choose.

if you want to meet a better person, you must become a better person.

Han Han once said:

how far a man can go depends on who he is traveling with.

how good a person is depends on who gives him guidance.

how successful a person is depends on who he is with.

Life is a long time, and it really matters who you are with.

because they will affect your thoughts, values, and lifestyle, and change your life imperceptibly.

in this world, we don't meet for no reason;

everyone around you today is actually a seed unwittingly planted in the first half of your life.

for the rest of our lives, we hope that no matter how good a person we meet, whether he is a lover, a friend, or a work partner;

can have the strength to say that: you're fine, but I'm worth it.

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