Your attitude towards your family is your most authentic character.
Your attitude towards your family is your most authentic character.
Be kind to your family and don't let life put the cart before the horse.

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character, can measure the quality of a person, can also determine the success or failure of a person.

for people who are good at camouflage, it is often difficult to reveal their true character when they speak and behave outside their homes.

people reveal their nature only in front of their closest family members.

in the family, the best ashram for spiritual practice, it is easiest to see through the hearts of the people.

A person's most authentic character is hidden in his attitude towards his family.

A pleasant face is the most basic upbringing of a person

Confucius said:

A gentleman has nine thoughts--

see Si Ming, listen to Si Cong, color Si Wen, appearance Si Gong, Yan Si Zhong, things think respectfully, doubt ask, resentful thought difficult, see Si Yi.

among them, "Seth Wen, appearance courteous, resentful difficult" expresses a gentle face, respectful to others, and not impulsive when angry.

and this is a pleasant face.

Confucius once said that filial piety is "hard to look".

Zhou Guoping also said that it is a rare upbringing to overcome the fastidious instinct to treat people who are close to you.

there will be unexpected gains when you take some home to treat outsiders with gentle wind and rain.

Hu Shi once wrote in my Mother:

"an angry face is the most disgusting thing in the world. Showing an angry face to others is the dirtiest thing in the world, which is worse than being beaten and scolded."

in reality, he has also achieved the unity of knowledge and practice.

in the face of his angry wife Jiang Dongxiu, he always has his own way of dealing with it.

when his wife is furious, he is always in the toilet, making noise with toothbrushes and mouthwash cups as a sign of resistance.

as a result, it not only skillfully avoids the direct conflict with the wife, but also reminds the wife to control her emotions in a tactful way.

Caigen Tan says:

"if your family has had it, you should not be angry or abandon it lightly." This matter is difficult to say, it is ridiculed by other things; if you don't realize it today, you will be warned again tomorrow. Such as the thawing of the spring breeze and the elimination of ice with harmony, is the model of the family. "

as the saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

but when a quarrel breaks out, many good words often turn into bad words, aggravating the conflict.

after calming down with each other, it is the best policy to resolve family conflicts with a pleasant face.

caring is the cornerstone of family harmony

Mr. Shanyin Jin once said, "those who are not exuberant, but their families are unlucky." There is no hostility, but the family is not in decline. "

discord is often the trigger for the downfall of a family.

in life, many families are at odds with each other, mostly because of inadequate care, which makes it difficult for people to think of others.

when everyone in the family can only see their own efforts, they will naturally ignore the feelings of their families.

over time, families become conflicted.

if parents can only see their own achievements and blindly ask their children to achieve something, most of them will be counterproductive and there will be a generation gap.

if children can only see their own efforts, blame their parents and dislike their original families as soon as they fail, they will accomplish nothing in the end.

if a wife can only see her own sacrifice, she blames her husband for being incompetent, which will only squander her feelings and affect the relationship between husband and wife.

if the husband can only see his own efforts, as soon as he is frustrated, he will vent and beat and scold his wife, which will leave scars and lead to the failure of the marriage.

so we always say that thinking of others is a necessary condition for harmonious coexistence between people.

and the highest state of harmony is caring.

when you get home, if you can shift your attention away from your phone and focus on your family.

put love into words and deeds, and the family will be happy.

everyone is the same. if you want your family to be happy, you can't ignore your obligations and responsibilities in the family.

gratitude is the best style for a family

Lin Zexu once said, "if you don't have good intentions, feng shui is useless; if your parents are unfilial, it is useless to serve God."

filial piety to parents can repay the greatest kindness in the world.

in 24 filial piety, there is a story that is impressive.

Liu Heng, the emperor of Han Dynasty, dared not slack off for a moment when his mother was seriously ill.

when her mother was ill for three years and bedridden, Liu Heng personally fried herbal soup for her.

every time he fried it, he would taste it, whether it was bitter or hot, and then give it to his mother.

in life, there are too few people like Liu Heng who are filial, and there are many sad examples of "no filial son before bed for a long time."

many people always forget the responsibility of filial piety to their parents under the pretext of being busy.

No matter how high-sounding the reason for unfilial piety sounds, it is full of loopholes.


Thanksgiving is the most worthwhile family style to inherit.

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if you want to know a person's character, you can know a thing or two through his words and deeds.

you can know it like the back of your hand by observing his attitude towards his family.

Family is the beginning and end of life, the place to come and the way home.

May we all be kind to our families and not put the cart before the horse in our lives.