Your room reveals the state of your life.
Your room reveals the state of your life.
The room reflects a person's attitude and ability to live.


whether a person is doing well or not can be seen at a glance at his room.

for people who live out of control, the room is often messy, while for people who live in an orderly way, the room is often in good order and reveals a temperament consistent with the master.

I don't know if you have ever seen the Japanese TV series "sorting out Magic in Life".

the heroine Kaoru is the operator of the shopping platform.

although her appearance is beautiful, like her room, her work and life are all in a mess.

one day, she met someone she had a crush on for many years. In order not to regret it, she took the initiative to win a long-awaited date.

but because of his strong drinking power, he got drunk after a few drinks.

Ya people carried her home. As soon as she arrived at the door, Xun thought of her messy room and instantly woke up.

found an excuse to send Ya Ren away first, and agreed to see you on Saturday.

but until Saturday, she did not tidy up the room, and the elegant people who obeyed the agreement came to visit with gifts, but as soon as they entered the door, they were dumbfounded, and then fled as if they had run into evil spirits.

Love ends before it begins, and it's all because of her messy habits.

such scenarios are also common in life.

I have a friend who one day, for some last resort, went to stay at his colleague's house for a night. According to her, she still can't forget the moment the door opened.

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the shoes on the floor are at random, the chairs are covered with clothes, the quilts on the bed are huddled, and there are unfinished potato chips beside the pillow.

there is no room for a foot in the whole room.

my friend kindly reminded me that it's time for you to clean up your room.

but the other party said disapprovingly, it is not necessary, tidying up will also be messy, I am now in order in chaos, are used to.

my friend is speechless.

then it suddenly occurred to her that she often lost things in her daily work, and it would take a long time to find a document.

writer Liu Liangcheng said:

the home in one's heart is not just a house of one's own, but the life spent in this house for many years.

through a room, we can more or less see a person's life.


some people will wonder, what does a room have to do with life? Anyway, living alone, no one saw the dirty spots and the messy spots.

is that true?

there is a famous "broken window effect" in psychology.

it says that one window in a house is broken and no one repairs it, and before long, other windows will be broken.

because the saboteur will take it for granted that this place is already bad, what does it matter if it is a little worse?

there are mountains of clothes on the chairs, fine hair on the floor, express boxes thrown in the corners of the walls. Will unwittingly give people a sense of life out of order, out of control.

these seemingly unimportant "chaos" may be the "broken windows" in your life.

in the long run, people tend to get rid of slackness.

and a good living environment will produce a positive magnetic field that urges you to become better.

the right thing to do is to try to establish an inherent sense of order and control when you get out of control.

in the past, when I watched the TV series "I may not Love you", the heroine Cheng Youqing had a "hobby". Whenever she was unhappy, she would brush the toilet.

I have deep feelings about this.

actually tidying up the room is a magical thing.

when you look at the floor being scrubbed, the clothes in the wardrobe neatly folded, the potted plants by the window lush, and every object in its place. The whole person will become refreshed.

tidying up the house is not only tidying up the mood, but also tidying up the life.

behind all the actions of dragging, sweeping, washing and managing, there is a heart to cheer up and live a good life.

only people who break cans and crashes will think it doesn't matter.


I was encouraged to see a post on Zhihu not long ago.


@ Xu Xianchen

rented a single room of less than 15 square meters in Ningbo. The room is not very large and the furniture is very old. The whole room reveals a sense of decadent age.

the room left by the previous visitors is still clean after cleaning.

if most people rent this house, they will probably choose to live in it. After all, the rented house costs too much money and energy.

but Xu Xianchen doesn't think so.

throw away things you don't need without mercy.

then he bought furniture stickers and renovated the bed and wardrobe. the color of the big pieces changed, and the whole room lit up.

in order to make himself more comfortable and happy, he bought plain curtains, soft carpets and some free art paintings from his friends.

it hasn't changed much.

but after his meticulous building, the cabin is not only fresh and clear, but also very stylish.

the same room, different occupants, presents a different face of life.

A full-hearted, positive and optimistic person can lead a clear life even in the face of desolation. On the other hand, people who are barren inside can only complain in the same layer of life.

therefore, the room reflects a person's attitude towards life and ability to live.

always feel that a person's abilities are the same, and the life of a person who can take care of a room in good order will not be too bad.

and it is not difficult to have a warm home.

you don't need to make a big fight, start with small things, and you can get a completely different mood.

first, clean the room regularly to keep the environment clean and clear;

2. Learn to break up and throw away things you don't need.

third, add some flowers and plants to add vitality to the room;

4. Use your favorite furnishings and dolls to create a sense of comfort.

changing your life is never a simple thing, let alone an immediate one.

if you want to keep a firm grip on your life, you might as well start with the little thing of "taking care of the room".