The rest of life is short, it is better to live in your own heart than to live in the eyes of others.
The highest living method for adults: no explanation, no flattery, no clinging.
I hope we all have the courage to start all over again in the relationship.
A man who doesn't have you in his heart will reply to you on Wechat.
The way a person calls you hides his love for you and represents the extent to which he loves you.
A man does not necessarily love you when he calls you "wife". Dare to call these three names is true love.
believe in yourself
Think about something before you go to bed
May you always be young and always filled with tears.
The 10 good habits of living younger and younger in 2021, please force yourself to form them.
For the rest of your life, may you learn to see the world with one eye open and be wise with one eye closed.
Reflect on yourself (this article is priceless)
Soft, is the highest level of EQ, but also the most powerful force.
Soft, is the highest level of EQ
The more beautiful and long-lasting love is, the less gorgeous it is.
The more a man loves you, the more he will have these three reactions.
Wish every heart will not be disappointed, wish every relationship can last forever.
Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, in character, in respect for talent, for a long time in kindness, and finally in character
Respect between people is always mutual.
There is a kind of respect, called "Please reply when you receive."