Time is the cure for everything, put it down in order to better meet.
The best way to forget the one you love is just one word!
Just be yourself for the rest of your life.
Be kind to yourself who is growing old (profound)
It is nice to be warm and pure, but only with a little edge can you make your life better.
As a man, you should turn your face when you turn your face, and don't be afraid to offend people.
May you first love yourself, and then be brave to love the right person.
It's you for the rest of my life. It doesn't matter later.
The most powerful force often begins with silence!
Strong, starting with silence
People in this life, do not want to achieve much, just try not to wronge themselves.
There is a kind of sadness called "I thought"
Understanding human contact is a kind of self-cultivation in dealing with others.
Not to take advantage of is education, human contact is self-cultivation!
When you become good, the whole world will become better!
The power of good habits (amazing)