Love life, starting from today!
Two words that make people happy (suggested collection)
It is not talent or birth that determines a person's fate, but the pattern.
No pattern is more terrible than having no money.
With whom, there will be what kind of life.
If you want to be a goshawk, don't sing with birds.
"euphemistic refusal" is a tacit social rule for adults.
There is an advanced EQ called "crisp and neat"
Marriage needs some love "show", only for the one who loves you and the one you love.
Good marriages are all "acting".
In the marriage, a "match made in heaven", children are the eternal beneficiaries!
"Dad, you don't love my mother for a long time," reveals the cruel truth of marriage.
Learn to appreciate others, and others will appreciate you.
Can boast, is the top EQ.