One after another disturbs the world, fighting for nothing.
What you fight for, you lose.
In 2021, clean up the past and move on.
Seven things to make yourself happy in 2021
Have sunshine in your heart
Think about something before you go to bed
Good love is to make you a better self, not to lose yourself completely.
The more you refuse these requests of the opposite sex, the more he loves you.
Home is always so harmonious and warm.
12 habits to make your family sweeter and sweeter
The rest of your life is not long, just be yourself.
A wise man is a loner.
He will take you across the mountains and seas, and he will enjoy mediocrity with you.
"Why did you get married? That's a lovely answer. "
What people see is different because they hold different angles.
The biggest gap between people lies in the depth of the problem.