Everything is the best arrangement.
There are three keys to life: accept, change, and leave.
Happiness is that ordinary people remain the same.
The best rest of life: having something to eat, someone to love, someone to go home
If you have different ways, you don't plan with each other; if you have different hearts, you don't have to be friends.
When people reach middle age, these people don't have to get in touch with each other. It's pointless.
No matter what age we come to, may you and I always smile.
The most ironic sentence of 2021 (incisive)
May everyone be respected by the world. ​
Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.
Life, slow down, is to enjoy.
Slow down and you'll be fine! (good text in depth)
Not too enthusiastic, maintain a sense of proportion, is the virtue of the world.
Don't be too enthusiastic, it's the consciousness that adults should have.
Know how to reciprocate, is the highest wisdom.
Not to take advantage of is education, human contact is self-cultivation