Get back on the road.
Think about something before you go to bed
May we all live for ourselves for once.
If one day, I will not bother you any more!
Even if there are thousands of things in life, you have to give up in the end.
Willing to (good text in depth)
Being yourself is the beginning of everything for the better.
I have met the person with the lowest EQ, who is always reasonable.
May you have peace of mind, face the years calmly, and spend the rest of your life gracefully.
How many of the eight signs of a woman's early age have you won?
The taste of candy is different from that of voluntary candy.
No matter husband and wife or lover, no matter how good the relationship is, don't ask for these three things.
Do something kind and give it to a reliable person.
See a person's moment thoroughly
Purity of heart is the best attitude to be a man.
Clean (deep good text)
Grow up in love, but also strong in the regret of love.
There is a feeling called "enough."